Why Lights At Plane Wings Are Different Color | Why Plane Leaves White Trails

Why lights at plane wings are different Color

Have you noticed every detail about your surroundings right away if yes? You did miss the fact all the planes have green light at wings and red light on the other wing.

Why do they have different colors?

These high intensity red and green lights together a white light located at a tail. All the planes have navigation lights. The red light is always left wing and green light is only on the right these navigation lights are ON at all times. The main purpose is signalling the planes precise position other aircraft in the sky.

If the helicopter pilot sees the red and white light in the right there is a plane passing from right to left if green and white means the plane passing from left to right.

The both red and green is the passing sign. Suppose the plane is moving towards helicopter sparkling only white light means the plane is going to the same way of the helicopter.

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All these light combination helps the pilot to avoid any chance of collision with the chance of aircraft.

Apart from navigation lights planes have red rotating lights in the upper and lower side. When red blinking light is ON its waving for ground person and other planes the engine is about to start and dangerous to come near the planes. Pilot keep them even take off it increases the plane visibility in the sky.

Just like car plane has headlights the pilot ha to see the run way during landing and take-off. Taxi lights are located on the nose and they eliminate the run way. Landing lights are under the wing near the forelash. There is a same purpose for the pilot wider angle of fixed of tacks.

During take-off landing lights are switched ON when plane reaches 10000 feet of altitude. When landing pilot ON again at same altitude.

What light you say when you notice the plane high in the sky?

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They are white strobe lights fitted at the wing tips they are super bright and fall safe and visible miles away.

But plane has a other natural obvious things they have some hidden purpose and questions. When more experienced travelers?

 Why are there white spiral marks on airplane engines?

These spirals come in different sizes and shapes depending on plane and protect the ground curve. You might think different noises are warn them pilots are start engines and not safe to approach the area. But they were haring protection also several planes on the ground. Hardly tell which one is take off simply hearing on your ears.

Why are there hooks on the wings?

Some of the emergency access or over the wings this means passenger have to step on the wings they keeps slide.

But if an emergency landing in water the wings are slippery. This yellow hook comes in handy. The one end of the door frame and other end attached to wings through the hook and other end is hooked in secure end. Passengers can hold this rope making their way to slide.

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Why do planes leave white trails in the sky?

The white trails are looks like a smoke but is reality mostly carbon and carbon dioxide. Which are released in the atmosphere engine burnt fuel cold air and high altitude when possible freezes the exhaust creating the white tails.

Can plane door open mid-flight?

It is impossible the force of the cabin pressure won’t allow it if they tried they have to overcome more than 240000 powers of pressure or six powers of cars.

There are lockable deep inside the structure of airplane that they hold together.

Is it safe to fly in lightening?

Generally yes because commercial airplanes withstand lightning strikes. Lighting protection system serve prevent electrical build-up. However still hits every commercial plane once in a year but in most cases it leaves a minor damage like a sketch mark on a surface.



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