Top 10 Electrical Website for Electrical Engineering Students

Top 10 Electrical Website for Electrical Engineering Students:

Now a days searching electrical concept in google is an easiest way of clearing your electrical doubts, but while googling you get lot of results, So you cannot visit all the websites are shown by google. Since, In this article we are going to see the best electrical website for electrical engineering student.

Note: Below electrical websites are having their own way of writing, however I have covered the topic about their best department like machine, protections, instruments, high voltage, Interview questions, MCQ (electrical multiple choice of questions) etc.

10. Circuitglobe: is One of My favorite electrical website. This website covers topic about

  • Circuit Theory
  • Comparisons
  • DC Machines
  • Electrical Drives
  • Electrical Instrumentation
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electrical Measurement
  • Electrical Terms
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Electronic Terms
  • Induction Motor
  • Magnetic Circuit
  • Power Systems
  • Special Machines
  • Switchgear and Protection
  • Synchronous Machines
  • Transformer

Also in addition that, they have electrical comparison category. They have eye catching navigation. You can search any electrical term using their custom google search tap.

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  • Wide range of knowledge in electrical circuits and Transmission
  • Good Presentation
  • Simple language
  • Easy navigation


  • Poor reply on queries. I never found any reply on their users
  • More theoretical
  • Small size font for mobile phone viewers.

Personal suggestion: Good website for 3rd and 4th year engineering student to pass their examination.


Another most fascinating electrical website for engineering student. This is the best website for people who willing to learn about protection switch gear. They have written amazing article about transformer protection, generator protection and motor protection.


  • Mostly covered topic testing and protection.
  • Simple understanding language.
  • Daily updates
  • You can get new article in the home page of


  • Needs Improvement on Site navigation.

Personal suggestion: Best website for Relay Testing engineer.


This is a forum website. You can ask any question on this website. The most experience people gives the entire details about your doubts. It is free website. This is the world’s number-1 electrical forum website. In their home page itself you can see that, their latest discussion. They discuss in depth about electrical concept.

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  • You can grow your knowledge on electrical in micro level


  • Poor site navigation. For the first time you would have confused.

Personal suggestion: Best website for Electrical Researchers’


This is another most popular forum website. This is the world’s second largest forum. In this, you get your answer including “what is the value of 1+1?”. You get at least 5 to 6 answer for your single question. Also, you can answer for some one doubts, you can vote for other’s answer. The answer which has highest up votes displaces on the top.


  • Superb site navigation.
  • Cover more topic about interview questions.


  • The answer will be less practical.
  • Higher theoretical answers.
  • The given answer will be copied from some other websites.
  • Less understanding.


6. GK Agarwal:

This is a youtube channel, the same run by Gopal Krishna Agrawal 37 years’ experience in BHEL. The electrical video will be both practically and theoretically. The channel has covered all electrical concept in inch by inch. By using transcript, you can access them with different language. The channel contains almost 300 videos. They are mainly focused on electrical circuits, home wirings, AC and DC machines etc.

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  • Practical explanation
  • Transcript works fine, so worldwide can be accessible.
  • Play listed videos. Playlist are used to navigate our desired department


  • 70% of the video is in Hindi, You should use transcript.

GK Agarwal Youtube Channel

GK agarwal youtube channel is the best channel for electrical engineer not for students. He explains the electrical concept very clearly. Also, he provides the graphical explanation for both english and hindi.

Channel Link


This is another good website for engineering student. The website gives all the electrical concept in practical version. The website owner has 11 years of experience in testing, commissioning, electrical maintenance etc. They are mainly focused on electrical interview questions and protection switchgear. Do you want to learn about electrical protection relays?, then follow their website Almost they covered 95 different types of protective relays.

  • Covered entire topic about Transformer protection and generator protection
  • Practical explanation.
  • Easy Navigation
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The website covered the following topics.

4. Neso Academy:

This is not Electrical Website & Neso academy is the Most powerful electrical youtube channel. All the videos are really superb explanation. This is the best youtube channel for electrical and electronics student who preparing for gate examination. They have playlist of Power system, Network Theory, Digital Electronics, Analogue electronics, Mat lab, Electrical gate solved questions etc.

Neso Acadamy Youtube Channal:

[yotuwp type=”channel” id=”UCQYMhOMi_Cdj1CEAU-fv80A” ]

Personal Suggestion: Best for those who prepare for competitive examination.

3. Electrical engineering Portal:

One of the oldest and famous electrical website, It almost covers all the topic about electrical engineering. They mostly covers the topic about latest technology. They have premium subscription for getting latest article with in depth explanation. The main advantage of the website is, they have written both practically and theoretically. They have Lots of different articles on electrical engineering, guides to using electrical software, explanations of various theorems and laws and even research papers – a great public resource for both students and those already graduated.

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2. is the Most popular electrical website in the world. They covered the topic about Basic electrical such as electrical laws, Circuit theorems, materials, batteries, illumination, generation, protection, measurement, safety and MCQ; Eye catching navigation etc.

Personal suggestion: Electrical Student should follow the website to grow their knowledge.

1. Wikipedia: is The World’s Number one website for electrical student. All the electrical concept has been covered. You can learn all the technical terms in electrical and electronics engineering. They covered all the topic in depth. Reacher’s must use this website. All the electrical materials and papers in Wikipedia is free to use.


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