Assam Electricity Bill Calculator & Tariff rate per unit 2022

AERC Electricity Bill Calculator:

Enter the power consumption in its or enter the AERC meter reading (initial and final reading). Then press the calculate button to get the results of the total AERC bill amount, fixed charges, meter rent and energy charges.

Note: If your demand is more than 5kW, you can directly multiply the total consumption with 7.15/-

Total Unit Consumption As per APSERC: kWh
Enter Maximum Demand: kWh
Result – Total Energy Charges: INR
Result – Electricity Fixed Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Result – Meter rent Amount: INR
Result – Total Bill Amount: INR

AERC Electricity Tariff rate:

Assam electricity distribution has two divisions such as lower Assam electricity distribution company limited and Upper Assam electricity distribution company.

Type Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
Jeevan Dhara All 4.65 30 per kW
Domestic 0.5 to 5kW 0-120 5.3 60 Per kW
121-240 6.6
241 above 7.6
Domestic 5kW to 25kW All 7.15 60 Per kW
Commercial Load
above 0.5 kW to 25
All 7.6 140 Per kW
Govt Institutions All 6.45 80 Per kW
Rural LT Industries upto 25kW All 5.15 60 Per kW
Urban LT Industries upto 25kW All 5.4 70 Per kW


They are charging for first 120 units or 1-120 unit the per unit will be ₹ 5.30/-, for next 120 units the per-unit cost will be ₹ 6.6/- for above 240 units, the per-unit cost will be ₹ 7.6/-

The consumer’s connected load exceeding the above 5kW, the total consumption will be charged ₹ 7.15 per unit.

Additionally, the consumer could pay meter rent ₹ 48, ₹ 0.09 per unit as electricity tax and fixed charges of ₹ 40/- per kW.

Domestic Consumer LT – Assam Bill Calculation:

Let us calculate the electricity bill based on the Assam latest tariff order of 300 units with 2kW of demanded loads.
  Example – Single Phase – One Month – 300 – 2kW Connected Load  
  Range Electricity Per unit Unit Consumption Bill amount  
  Consumption 300 Units  
  Demand 2 kW  
  0-120 5.3 120 636  
  121-240 6.6 120 792  
  241 above 7.6 60 456  
    Energy Charges 1884  
  Fixed Cost 120  
  Meter rent 48  
  Tax 27  
  Bill 2079  

As per this the consumer shall pay 2079 for the consumption of 300 units.

Commercial Tariff Rate:

Commercial consumer shall pay 7.6 per units for all consumption along with that 140 per kW as fixed charges.

Commercial Load
above 0.5 kW to 25
All 7.6 140 Per kW
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