Transformer Impedance Calculator

Transformer Impedance calculator:

Just enter the injected voltage/short circuit voltage in volts and the rated primary voltage in volts then press the calculate button to get the transformer impedance in percentage.

The Rated Primary Volts: Volts
Enter Short Circuit Volts: Volts
Result in Percentage Impedance: %

What is the transformer impedance:

Impedance is nothing but a vector sum of resistance R in ohms and reactance X in ohms. The unit of impedance is Ohm. It is denoted by the English letter “Z”.

Z = R + j X Ohms

But transformer impedance is nothing but a ratio between total primary voltage injected for reaching full load secondary current to the rated primary voltage under secondary short condition.

Hence the transformer impedance formula can be written as below.

Transformer Impedance = Vinjected / Vprimary

Sometimes it is also called a short circuit impedance.

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