Transformer Turns Ratio Calculator With Formula

Transformer Turns Ratio Calculator:

Online transformer turns ratio calculator is used to calculating the turns ratio/voltage ratio/current ratio of the transformer. For that first select the value from turns or current or voltage. Then enter the primary turns or voltage or current and secondary voltage or current or turs. Press the calculate button to get the turns ratio of the transformer.

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o calculation using the number of Turns:

Turns ratio K is equal to the ratio between the primary number of turns Np in number to the Secondary number of turns Ns in Numbers.

K = primary turns / Secondary Turns

K = Vp / Vs —————–1


Calculate the turns ratio of the transformer whose primary number of turns is 2000 and the secondary number of turns is 200.

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K = 2000 / 200 = 10/1

K = 10:1

Turns Ratio calculation using Voltages:

Turns ratio K is equal to the ratio between primary voltage Vp in volts to secondary voltage Vs in volts. hence the turns ratio formula will be

K = Primary voltage in volts / Secondary voltage in volts

K = Vp / Vs —————–2


Calculate a transformer primary voltage is 11kV and the secondary voltage is 440 Volts. Calculate the turns ratio.

K = Vp / Vs

K = 11000 / 440 = 275:4

Turns Ratio calculation using Transformer current:

Turns ratio K is equal to the ratio between secondary current Is in Amps to primary Current Ip in Amps.

K = Secondary current in amps / Primary current in amps

K = Is / Ip ——————–3


A transformer has 1000 Amps primary current and secondary current is 100 Amps calculate the turns ratio?

K = 100 / 1000

K = 1 / 100 = 1:100

Compare all three turns ratio K will be

K = Np / Ns = Vp / Vs = Is / Ip

Hence all the ratio will give you the same output only.

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