Single Phase Transformer Rating, Current, Voltage Calculation Calculator

Single Phase Transformer Calculator:

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Single-phase transformers are the small size transformer which is used only for the testing purposes. Mostly it is used for low power application such as testing equipment, controlling equipment, protective types of equipment, etc.

However, you do not know how to choose single phase transformer your application am I correct?

Single-phase transformer VA, kVA & MVA rating calculations

Our single-phase transformer calculator is designed to calculate kVA rating, transformer primary and secondary voltage as well as secondary current & primary current.

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Single phase transformer kVA rating = Primary/secondary Voltage x primary/secondary current

Note: If you want to calculate primary rating then you should take the primary voltage and primary current only. The same pattern is applicable for secondary side also.

The voltage to be measured between the line and neutral only.

Hence the single-phase calculation formula can be rewritten as,

S(VA) = V(L-N) x I(A)

The same way the kVA rating of the transformer will be,

Rating in kilo Volt Amp S(kVA) = V(L-N) x I(A) x 1000

For MVA rating,

S(MVA) in Mega Volt – Amp = S(L-N) x I(A) x 1000000

Single-phase transformer voltage calculations:

For calculating voltage from VA rating, kVA rating & MVA rating,

Single-phase voltage is equal to rating S divided by the current in Amps. The voltage formula can be written as below,

From VA,

V(L-N) = S(VA) / I(A)

From kVA,

V(L-N) = S(kVA) x 1000 / I(A)

From MVA,

V(L-N) = S(MVA) x 1000000 / I(A)

Single-phase transformer Current calculations:

Current in Amp is equal to rating divided by the voltage in volts. The current formula can be written as below,

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From VA,

I(A)= S(VA) / V(L-N)

From kVA,

I(A)= S(kVA) x 1000 / V(L-N)

From MVA,

I(A)= S(MVA) x 1000000 / V(L-N)




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