Transformer Cable Size Calculations Calculator

Transformer Cable size calculator:

Enter the VA rating of the transformer, primary voltage in Volts and secondary voltage in volts. Then press calculates button to get the transformer cable size for the primary and secondary side.

Enter VA Rating: VA
Enter Primary Voltage: V
Enter Secondary Voltage: V
Result – Primary Current: A
Result – Secondary Current: A
Primary Side:
Secondary Side:

Our transformer cable size calculator provides the aluminium cable and equivalent size of the copper cable too. You can choose as per plan for your transformer.

How to choose the right cable for the transformer?

While choosing the cable, you should consider the type of cable laying such as underground or overhead, armoured or flexible or flat cable, type of insulation, number of strands such as single-strand or multi-strand and copper or aluminium conductor.

In above all, the load is another important factor for choosing the transformer cable. For Transformer, we should choose two types of cable such as the primary side and secondary side. The rating of the cable should be 150% of the full load current. i.e if your transformer’s primary current is 450 Amps means, you should choose 450 *150% = 675 Amps capacity size cable.

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At the same time, it accounts extra cost for an additional 50% of load provision. If you have a plan to expand the load, that time you will enjoy the payback from the additional load provision.

How to Calculate the full load current of the transformer:

FLA is equal to the VA rating divided by the applied voltage.

Full Load Amps = S(VA) / V(V)



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