Apserc Bill Calculator & Arunachal Pradesh electricity tariff rate for 2022-23

Arunachal Pradesh Electricity Bill Calculator:

Enter the unit consumption or meter initial reading and final reading, then press the calculate button to get an electricity bill to get the aserc electricity bill calculation.

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Arunachal Pradesh electricity tariff rate for 2022-231

Arunachal Pradesh has two tariff categories one is BPL line and another one is above BPL unit. In that, BPL consumer shall pay ₹ 2.65 per unit with free meter rental charges and above BPL consumer shall pay ₹ 4.00 per unit for all consumption. Additionally, they pay ₹ 20 for meter rental cost at the time of billing.

Additional the consumer will be charged ₹ 0.07 rupees per unit as electricity tax by the Arunachal Pradesh electricity board.


Arunachal Pradesh Per unit cost
LT Electricity Per unit Unit Range Meter cost Fixed Charges Electricity Tax
LT BPL 2.65 above 1 0.07
Above BPL 4 above 1 20 0.07

Example: Let we calculate the Arunachal Pradesh electricity bill for the consumption of 487 units.

Look at the table of electricity bill calculation, in that your total energy bill is 1948/- and the additional cost of meter rent (₹ 20), electricity duty tax ₹ 34.09/-. Hence totally your bill cost is 2002.09/- for the consumption of 487 units.

Electricity Bill Calculation for 487 units
LT Electricity Per unit Unit Consumption Bill amount
Above BPL 4 487 1948
Meter Cost 20
Duty 34.09
Total 2002.09



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