Transformer Loss Calculator & Constant, Variable Loss Calculation

Transformer Loss calculator with constant and variable loss unknown:

Enter all parameter such as primary resistance, primary current, secondary resistance, secondary current, ke, kh, maximum flux density, frequency, the thickness of the magnetic sheet, the total volume of the sheet. Then press the enter button. You get exact results for copper loss, eddy current loss, hysteresis loss and total transformer loss for single-phase and three-phase winding.

Enter Primary Current: Amps
Enter Primary Resistance Ohms
Enter secondary Current: Amps
Enter secondary Resistance: Ohms
Enter Ke:  
Enter Sheet Thickness t: Meters
Enter Max. Flux Density: wb/m2
Enter Frequency: Hz
Enter Magnetic Material Volume: M^3
Enter Hysteresis Constant Kh:  
Result – Copper Loss: Watts
Result – Hysteresis Loss: Watts
Result – Eddy Current Loss: Watts
Result – Total loss 1ph: Watts
Result – Total loss 3ph: Watts

Transformer Loss calculator with constant and variable loss known:

Also if you know constant and variable loss values, then enter the copper loss, eddy current loss and hysteresis loss, press calculate button to calculate the transformer losses.

Enter Eddy current Loss: Watts
Enter Hysterisis Loss: Watts
Enter Copper Loss: Watts
Result – Loss for 1ph TFR: Watts
Result – Loss for 3ph TFR: Watts

Transformer total loss P(loss) in watts is equal to the sum of copper loss Pc in Watts, eddy current loss Pe in watts and hysteresis loss Ph in watts.

P(loss) = Pc + Pe + Ph

Transformer Loss Calculation Formula:

An AC electric machine always has two losses one is variable loss and another one is a constant loss. Therefore, transformer total losses are equal to the sum of the variable loss and constant loss. variable loss is nothing but a copper loss and constant loss is nothing but eddy current loss and hysteresis loss.

Total transformer loss for single-phase transformer formula can be written as

= (I(P-A)2 *R1(Ω))+(I(S-A)2*R2(Ω))+(Ke*Bm2 *F(hz)2*t2*V)+(Kh*Bmax1.6 *f*V)

For three-phase transformer, the copper loss is the three times of the single-phase copper loss hence,

Total transformer loss three phase transformer formula,

= (3*I(P-A)2 *R1(Ω))+(3*I(S-A)2*R2(Ω))+(Ke*Bm2 *F(hz)2*t2*V)+(Kh*Bmax1.6 *f*V)


I(P-A) = Primary Current in Amps.

I(S-A) = Secondary Current in Amps.

R1(Ω) = Primary Resistance in ohms.

R2(Ω) = Secondary resistance in ohms.

Ke = Eddy current Constant in Numbers

Bm = Maximum Flux Density in Weber per meter2

F(Hz) = Frequency in Hz

t = thickness of the sheet in meter

V = Volume of the magnetic material in m3

Kh = Hysteresis Constant


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