Difference Between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer

Difference between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer:

Voltage Rating:

Power transformers are used in transmission network of higher voltages for step-up and step down application (400 kV, 200 kV, 110 kV, 66 kV, 33kV) and are generally rated above 200MVA.

Distribution transformer are mainly used for providing electricity to the consumer level, which means it reduces the voltage level to the consumer rating i.e 11kV/440 volts, 110 volts etc.

Transformer size and Insulation level:

Power Transformers are mainly focusing on the high voltage since it requires high insulation levels and high power transformer since the power transformers are higher in size,

In case distribution transformers are working under consumer level voltages, therefore it does not require as much insulation (less voltage level),

Iron Losses and Copper Losses:

Power transformers does not require to be in on condition when there is no demand of power. Since ultimately loss of the power transformer is very less.

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In distribution transformers are working 24 hours in a day, since their losses should be high. Therefore, distribution transformers are designed for less iron losses.


The output of the power transformers cannot be connected to domestic applications, because of their voltage is high. The output of the distribution transformers can be connected directly.


The power transformer has higher rating than distribution transformer.

Leakage Reactance:

The leakage reactance of the power transformer is higher therefore the voltage regulation of the transformer also poor. The distribution transformer’s Voltage regulations are good.


The power transformers are designed to operate 99% of efficiency but incase distribution transformers operates at 60 % to 75 % efficiency.

Voltage regulation:

Power transformer’s voltage regulations is high


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