8 Types of Electrical License in Tamilnadu

Types of electrical License in Tamilnadu:

Electrical license is nothing but a government approved/authorized/tested worker/supervisor/ contractor can have ability to do electrical jobs like electrical maintenance, electrical installation, supervising etc.

Different types of electrical License in Tamilnadu:

What is C License:

C license is nothing but a competency certificate will be issued by the Chief Electrical Inspectorate to Government for performing electrical contract, supervision for electrical work, wiremen for electrical work, wireman helper for wire man etc.

1. Wireman helper License: License ‘H’

The license is belonging to the electrical wire men helper. ITI Electrical is enough to get this license. This license is only valid for 5 years. Application form is here that you can download. Amount to be paid as demand draft: Rs. 250/-. It does not Require any experience.

2. Wireman License: License ‘W’

Wireman license belongs to the ITI wiremen helper those who worked more than 5 years as helper and those who have more than 5 years’ experience in electrical. It is an updated license version of wireman helper to wireman. Amount to be paid to get wireman license Rs. 500/-
Get this application form from here

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3. Electrical Wireman helper to Wireman License: ‘B’ License

Any of the ITI technician can apply for this license but the applicant should have wire man helper license ‘H’ license. This is only for a qualified wire man helper, who have worked more than 5 years as wire man helper. You should pay Rs 200/- as demand draft.

Download application form from here.

4. Electrical maintenance Contractor License ‘EB’ license:

With EB license in Tamilnadu, we can take work from any of the electrical maintenance contractors below sub-contractor (ESB) and Grade A contractor (EA) and under 50 KW. It is the first level of electrical contractor license. You can apply these electrical contract license for small building electrical service and the applicant should have 25 years old and should have passed 8th standard. Amount to be paid to get work contractor license Rs. 2500/-.

Download the EB application form here

5. Electrical Sub contractor license: ‘ESB’ License

This license belongs to the contractor who can take the electrical work under 650 Volts. It is also called EB sub-contractor license. You should pay Rs 4000/- to get this sub-contractor license. The applicant should have 25 years old and should have passed 8th standard and if you do not have any of above (W or H or S) these certificate then you should get the appropriate approval from the certificate holder.
Get the application form from here

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6. Electrical Grade A Contractor License: EA license

EA license is nothing but an Electrical contractor license for medium voltage which means the license holder can take an electrical installation, maintenance, etc. work under the voltage level of 22kV. Also the license holder can share their contract work to ESB and B level contractor. At the same time the license holder cannot be permitted to take work on more than 22kV electrical installations. Amount to be paid as demand draft: Rs. 12,000/- and You should produce upto Rs 50,000/- bank solvency certificate. Download the form from tneb

7. Electrical super grade contractor License: ESA Grade License

Electrical super grade license means the license holder can carry the electrical work at any voltage level (No voltage limit).  The amount to be paid is Rs. 20,000/- and the applicant should produce Rs. 1,00,000/- bank solvency certificate. Download the form from tneb

8. Electrical License P: Power Generating Station Operation & Maintenance Competency Certificate:

This is the license category for electrical as well as mechanical enginner who are working in power generating plants. To get this license the electrical or mechanical applicant should have diploma or BE certificate. Amount to be paid to get this license is Rs.750/- Certificates issued by the training Institutes recognized by the Central Electricity
Authority for this purpose should be sent.

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