Sodium Cyanide, Formula, Chemical Properties, Preparation, Uses

Sodium Cyanide

Sodium cyanide is a highly toxic chemical compounds which has the high affinity points considered as one of the main substances. It is a water soluble salt and highly reacted towards the metals. It has a strong base agent. It exploits the high reactivity when it is used in the goldmine industry. It has contain a single bonded and three bonded structure. The atoms are separated with the electrons by the electronic configuration. The systematic IUPAC name is known as sodium cyanide . The chemical or molecular formula of sodium cyanide is NaCN.

Structural Formula

This is the structural formula of the sodium cyanide:

Sodium Cyanide

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula of the sodium cyanide is NaCN.

How it is Prepared

When the hydrogen cyanide is reacted with the sodium hydroxide and it gives the formation of sodium cyanide. It can be synthesized in the castner process. At the moderate temperature it is reacted with the carbon to produce the sodium cyanide and evolved the hydrogen gas. It smells like a faint almonds. Both the cations and anions can contain the six coordinate each. The following chemical reaction is given as follows.

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NaNH2 + C → NaCN + H2

Physical Properties

Melting point 563.7C
Boiling point 1496C
Molecular weight 49.008g/mol
Density 1.5955g/cm3
Solubility in water 63.7g/100mL(25C)
Refractive index 1.452
Appearance White solid
Solubility Soluble in ammonia, methanol and ethanol. Insoluble in dimethyl sulfoxide.
Odor Faint almond like


Chemical Properties

Sodium cyanide is a non inflammable and highly toxic chemical compounds. It is insoluble in dimethyl sulfoxide. The refractive index is less than the threshold limit. It appears as a white solid. The boiling point is high and the melting point is low. It has low density and low molecular weight.


Sodium cyanide is used to extract the gold as well as precious other metals from the mines. In the organic synthesis it helps to preparing the nitriles and it is used in pharmaceutical industry. These chemicals are kills the insects and rodents. It is used to clean the rust iron metals.

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