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Silver Chloride

Silver chloride is a chemical compound and it have low solubility in the water. By heating or illumination it can be convert to the silver from silver chloride which is known as grey to black or purplish in the colour. These silver chloride is naturally occurred from the chlorargyrite. It should be the reminiscent in the behavior. The systematic IUPAC name is known as silver chloride. The chemical or molecular formula of silver chloride is AgCl. It is also known as horn silver or argentous chloride.

Structural Formula

This is the structural formula of the silver chloride:

Silver Chloride

Chemical Formula

The chemical or molecular formula of the silver chloride is AgCl. It has consists of silver and chloride ions.

How Can be Produced

It can be easily synthesized by the metathesis process. In this process the silver nitrate is reacted with the sodium chloride usually it means a chlorine salt and gives the result of silver chloride as the product and sodium nitrate as the byproduct. The solubility of the silver chloride is very low. Immediately it will be precipitated at any given solution. The chemical reaction is given as follows.

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AgNO3 + NaCl → AgCl + NaNO3

Physical Properties

Melting point 455C
Boiling point 1547C
Molecular weight 143.32g/mol
Density 5.56g/cm3
Solubility in water Soluble
Refractive index 2.071
Crystal structure Halite
Magnetic susceptibility -49.0×10-6cm3/mol
Appearance White solid
Solubility Soluble in NH3, conc  HCl, H2SO4. Insoluble in alcohol,dilute acids.

Chemical Properties

Silver chloride is a non inflammable substances. It is quickly exposure by light to disintegrate the chlorine and metallic silver. It is a non hygroscopic solid. The boiling point is high and the melting point is low. The refractive index of the silver chloride is high. It is halite in structure. It looks like a white hygroscopic solid in the appearance.


Silver chloride is used for electroplating and polishing mirrors and making alloys. It is mainly used in medicines and also used for photographic films. It has been activated battery usage for magnesium.


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