Apply Himachal Pradesh Electrical License Supervisor, Electrician, Contractor

Apply Himachal Pradesh Electrical License Supervisor, Electrician, Contractor

The Himachal Pradesh Electrical Inspectorate makes sure all the electrical systems in the state of Himachal Pradesh are set up and maintained in accordance with the safety codes established by Indian Standards and CEA regulations.

It takes care of all the electrical licenses, drawing approval, inspections of new and existing electrical installations for all LV/MV/HV, annual inspections of all EHV/HV/MV consumers, and investigations of fatal and non fata electrical accidents within the state. There are three types of electrical licenses: wireman, supervisor, and contractor.

Obtaining a Supervisor’s License

  1. Any candidate interested in the electrical supervisor license should take an examination conducted by the licensing board , except for those exempted from the exam.

For Examination

  • All citizens in India can give the exam.
  • The person must have a matriculation pass.
  • The age of the candidate is 20 years old.
  • The exam will test your practical knowledge, your ability to carry out electrical wiring tasks, and your understanding of electrical wiring tasks.
  • The date and place of the exam will be announced by a notification by the government through a publication as well as in Rajparta, HP.
  • Submit the application form for the exam to the secretary along with the original copy of the Treasury Challan, three copies of the most recent passport photographs, and with true testimonials.
  • Exemption from Examination
  • The applicant should have a recognized degree in Electrical Engineering.
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  • He has successfully completed Parts “A” and “B” of the associate membership in the Indian Engineers in Electrical Engineering.


  • He has a diploma in electrical engineering and also one year of practical experience in either the electricity board, military engineering service, or any other department that does electrical work.


  • He worked as an electrician for three years in a plant after completing an ITI degree in industrial trade.


  • He already has a competency certificate granted by another state or central electricity board with a common syllabus and gets it countersigned by the electrical inspector of Himachal Pradesh for a charge of 20 rupees.
  1. Fees
  • The exam cost is Rs 250/-, after exams the cost to issue the license for 5 years is Rs750/-
  • It costs Rs 750/- without exam.
  • The renewal charge is Rs 750/- after five years.
  • The cost of issuing a duplicate copy is Rs. 100/-

Obtaining a Wireman’s Permit

  • The licenses are for wiremen who are able to perform the actual wiring for electrical contractors.
  • For Examination
  • Who have at least two years of wiring and electrical installation experience working with Class A or B contractors.
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  • Who have other electrical training and work experience that the board has found to be satisfactory.
  • For exemption from the examination
  • Who has qualified for the supervisors’ exam.
  • Who have a diploma in electrical engineering.
  • Who have passed any exam offered by a centre that the board has approved.
  • Who has a age of 18 years old.


  • The exam cost is Rs 200/- and to give the license is Rs 500/-
  • It costs Rs 500/- without exam.
  • The renewal charge is Rs 500/- after five years.
  • The cost of issuing a duplicate copy is Rs. 100/-

Obtaining a Contractor’s License

There will be three categories of contractor’s license called Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A can work for all forms of electrical installations, Class B can work for low and medium voltage wiring projects and Class C can work for domestic and commercial low voltage projects.

  • Class A and Class B will be granted to a company, a firm, or an individual who has a certificate of competency or should employ a supervisor to oversee all the work undertaken.
  • The instruments needed for Class A and Class B are :
  • ISI Earth megger
  • Insulation megger and line tester ( for both A and B)
  • One ammeter with 0-100 Amps.
  • One voltmeter with a 0-500V range.
  • One Line tester
  • Class C is granted to anyone who has a licensed wireman permit and should have an ISI approved insulation megger and one line tester.
  • Fees
  • For Class A – Initial fee and renewal fee for two years is Rs. 4000/-
  • For Class B – Initial fee and renewal fee for three years is Rs 3000/-
  • For Class C – Initial fee and renewal fee for three years is Rs. 2500/-
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How Should We Pay the Fees?

  • The prescribed amount must be paid to any of Himachal Pradesh’s treasuries or sub treasuries under “ 0043 – Taxes and Duties on Electricity Fees payable to the Electrical Inspector.”
  • You will receive a copy of the challan once you have made your payment.

Required Documents

  • Recent passport photographs – four copies.
  • Duly signed self declaration form.
  • Experience certificate.( if applicable)
  • Copy of the challan
  • Age proof certificate (birth certificate,PAN Card, school leaving certificate, Aadhar Card)
  • Address proof or residence certificate

Application Procedure

  • The application form will be available online for download.
  • Print a copy of the form
  • Fill out the application and include all the necessary documentation if required.
  • Don’t forget to add a copy of the challan.
  • Bring all the documents and the application form to the Secretary and submit them.
  • Your application will now go through the verification process.
  • Once accepted, the admission card ( for supervisors and wiremen) and license ( for contractors) will both be rolled out to you.
  • The candidates must take the test on the specified date.
  • After you clear the examination for supervisors and wireman, the license will be granted.
  • The process is the same if you want to apply for a duplicate copy or renew your license as above. Just state the reasons for the loss and submit your license for renewal.
  • Applications that are fake or incomplete won’t be accepted.
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The Himachal Pradesh Electrical Inspectorate

SDA Complex, Block No. 29

Kasumpti, Shimla -171009

Tel No : 0177-2621020,2628090

Fax No : 0177-2628090


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