Potassium Chlorate, Formula, Chemical Properties, Preparation, Uses

Potassium Chlorate

Potassium chlorate is an inorganic compound which was discovered by the French chemist claude Louis berthollet. It contains the potassium, oxygen, chlorine as in the ratio of 1:3:1. Potassium chlorate is in its pure form when it kept at room temperature. It has contains the strong oxidizing agent which is used for fireworks in the industries. The systematic IUPAC name is known as potassium chlorate . The chemical or molecular formula of potassium chlorate is KClO3. It is also known as berthollet salt.

Structural Formula

This is the structural formula of the potassium chlorate:

Potassium Chlorate

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula of the Potassium chlorate is KClO3.

Preparation Method

The potassium chlorate is prepared by the three ways. They are electrolysis method, disproportionation method and caustic potash. But it is mainly prepared in the liebig process. In this process the chlorine is passed and heated with the calcium hydroxide. Further then adding the potassium chloride in it to form the potassium chlorate. The chemical reactions is given as follows.

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6Ca(OH)2 + 6Cl2 → Ca(ClO3)2 + 5CaCl2 + 6H2O

Ca(ClO3)2 + 2KCl → 2KClO3 + CaCl2

Physical Properties

Melting point 356C
Boiling point 400C
Molecular weight 122.55g/mol
Density 2.34g/cm3
Solubility in water 3.13g/100mL
Refractive index 1.40835
Crystal structure Monoclinic
Magnetic susceptibility -42.8×10-6cm3/mol
Appearance White crystals or powder
Solubility Soluble in glycerol

Chemical Properties

Potassium chlorate is a harmful substances and more hazards to the environment. The melting and boiling point is very low. It has a low density and moderate molar mass. It is monoclinic in structure. It is insoluble in glycerol.


Potassium chlorate is used for generating oxygen gas in college and schools. It is manufacturing the pesticides for agriculture fields. It is widely used for manufacturing of paper. By using potassium chlorate the match box was made. It is produced the firearms and percussion caps.


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