TNEB Bill Calculator & Per Unit Rate in Tamilnadu 2022

Update on TNEB Tariff rate 2021-21:

According to the Tamilnadu Government there is no changes in the electrical tariff rate. And our Hon’ble CM have planned to provide the 1 Lakh free electrical service to the agriculture sector.

Electricity Duty and Fixed charges are added with our calculator. Hence you can get duty charges and fixed charges. Now You can calculate the LT commercial, Government quarters, Industrials, Powerlooms, etc.

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TNEB Bill Calculator & Per Unit Rate in Tamilnadu 2022

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TNEB Bill Calculator:

Enter the total unit consumed in Units or kWh. Then press the calculate button to see the result of total electricity consumption. Our TNEB bill Calculator works based on the new tariff declared by TN Government for the financial year 2020-21.

Choose Unit of:
Total Unit Consumption As per TNEB: kWh
Connected Load: kW
Result – Total Energy Charges: INR
Result – Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Duty Amount: INR
Result – Meter rent Amount: INR
Result – Total Bill Amount: INR
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What is Tariff:

The way of charging your electricity bill based on the consumption with different charges is called a tariff. i.e you have consumed 600 units means, you get different prices for each step of unit levels. You get small money for low units up to 100 and small amount hike with another level up to 200 units and again small hike for 500 units levels.

Per unit rate in Tamilnadu 2020 – Domestic:

Tamil nadu electricity board has 4 tariff category based on the consumer’s energy consumption. They are,

  • For 0 to 100 units the per unit is ₹ 0/-
  • For 0 to 200 units, for the first 100 unit the per unit cost is zero and the next 100 units, the consumer shall pay ₹ 1.5 per unit.
  • For 0 to 500 units, the consumer shall pay ₹ 0 for the first 100 units, for the next 100 units the consumer shall pay ₹ 2 per unit, for the next 300 units the unit cost is ₹3.00/-
  • For above 500 units, the per unit cost is as shown in the table.
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 Per Unit rate in TNEB
Scheme Unit Per unit(₹) Fixed Charges  Per Month
0 to 100 0-100
0 to 200 0-100 20
101-200 1.5
0 to 500 0-100 30
101-200 2
201-500 3
> 500 0-100 50
101-200 3.5
201-500 4.6
>500 6.6

Unit consumption Less than 100 units or kWh.

As per TN-GOVT regulation 2016, the total unit consumption is less than 100 units means, your electricity bill becomes Zero. Also, it is applicable to each electricity service. i.e if you have two houses, with two different service means, you get 100 units’ subsidy for both the house. So totally 200 units are free on your TNEB bill.


Let we calculate the electricity bill for 92 units.

Here our total bill amount is 0.

TNEB Electricity Bill Calculation – 92 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Unit Billing
Category III 0-100 50
Energy Charges
Fixed Charges

TNEB Bill for the unit Consumption of lesser than 200 units:

Let calculate total EB bill for your energy consumption as 180 units.

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In this, you see two steps. i.e 100 + 80. Here for 100 units, it is free (zero charges) and you can pay remaining 80 units thats enough. As per the TNEB tariff table, the unit consumed below 200 you will be charged by ₹ 1.5 per unit for the above 100 units. Hence your total bill be calculated as,

TNEB Electricity Bill Calculation – 180 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Unit Billing
Category III 0-100 100
101-200 1.5 80 120
Energy Charges 120
Duty 18
Fixed Charges 20
Total 158


The total electricity bill would be 158 INR.

Unit Consumption less than 500 Units.

Look at the table, for 100 units it is free, but up to 200 unit per unit cost is ₹ 2.00, 50 paise increased as compared with the overall 200 units. The unit consumed between 200 to 500, you will be charged ₹ 3 per unit.

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Assume that, You have consumed 480 unit means, let we calculate your electricity bill based on the TNEB tariff.

TNEB Electricity Bill Calculation – 480 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Unit Billing
Category III 0-100 100
101-200 2 100 200
201-500 3 280 840
Energy Charges 1040
Duty 48
Fixed Charges 30
Total 1118

Hence, your total electricity bill will be ₹ 1118

Unit Consumption above 500 Units:

As we mentioned earlier, you get the different unit price for different levels such as up to 100 it will be 0 charges, Up to 101-200 the per-unit price will be ₹ 3.5, up to 201 to 500 the per unit will be ₹ 4.6 and above 501 units, the per-unit ₹ 6.6.


Let take an example, you have consumed 1672 units.

Look at the calculation the consumer shall pay ₹ 9682.4/- as electricity bill.

TNEB Electricity Bill Calculation – 1672 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Unit Billing
Category III 0-100 100
101-200 3.5 100 350
201-500 4.6 300 1380
>500 6.6 1172 7735.2
Energy Charges 9465.2
Duty 167.2
Fixed Charges 50
Total 9682.4
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If you absorb the above all tariff pattern, the different charges are applied for the same unit’s consumption.

Note: Above TNEB Bill calculator is only applicable for domestic service and for industrial, commercial, School, public services etc, the per-unit cost will be varied. Also, those consumer needs to pay MD charges as extra.

TNEB LT commercial tariff rate:

Public Lights Village & Public lights & Industrial metro
Per unit 6.35 120/kW
Lt Commercial
Per unit <100 5 140/kW
>100 8.05
Public Workshop
upto 120 2.85 120/kW
>120 5.75
per unit 4.6 120/service
Cottage & Tiny Industries
less 500 4 40/kW
>500 4.6
Power Looms
upto 750
751-1000 units 2.3 70/kW
1001-1500 units 3.45
>1500 4.6
Temporary Supply
All units 12 690/kW
Public light Town
All 6.35 120/kW
Govt and Govt. aided Educational Institutions, Govt. Hospitals and Research labs, etc
All 5.75 120/kW
Private Hostpital Institution
All 7.5 120/kW


Reference: TNEB Latest Tariff order

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