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Electricity bill calculator Bihar:

Enter the total unit consumption as per BERC or enter the initial & final reading of the meter. Then press the calculate button to get the Bihar electricity bill amount, tax, energy charges, per unit charges etc.

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Bihar electricity bill calculation:

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Bihar electricity is the highest charging electricity board in India. According to the latest tariff, the electricity bill shall be charged by three categories such as Kutir Jyoti, Domestic supply-1 rural and Domestic Supply 2.

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Electricity Tariff Rate in Bihar:

Domestic LT tariff Bihar
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Fixed Charges (₹)
Category I 0-50 6.05 10/connection
>50 Cat1 and 2
Category II 0-50 6.05 upto 2kW 20/kW
51-100 6.3
101-200 6.6
>200 6.95
Category III 0-100 6.05 Upto 5kW, 40/kW
101-200 6.85
201-300 7.7
>300 8.5


Electricity bill per unit rate in Bihar:

BPL consumer or the consumer who consumes 50 units per month by average, they will come into the Kutir Jyoti scheme. In that, they shall pay ₹ 6.05 per unit for the consumption of the first 50 units. And additionally they have to pay fixed charges ₹ 10 per service during each billing cycle.

If a consumer consumes more than 50 units per month in a rural area (including BPL) and the connected load up to 2kW, they shall pay on DS1 rural category tariff. In that, the consumer shall pay ₹ 6.05 for the 0 to 50 units, ₹ 6.30 per unit for the consumption between 50 to 100 units, ₹ 6.60 per unit for the consumption of 101-200 units, ₹6.95 per unit for above 250 units. Additionally, the DS1 consumer shall pay ₹20 per kW connected load as fixed charges.

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DS 2 Category is applicable for consumers whose connected load is 2kW to 5kW for both single-phase and three-phase connection. In that, for the first 100 unit the per unit cost will be ₹ 6.05 and the next 101-200 units the per unit cost will be ₹ 6.85, next 201 to 300 units it will be ₹7.7 per unit, and 300 above all units the per unit cost will be ₹ 8.50 per unit. Additionally, the consumer shall pay ₹40 per kW as fixed charges up to 70kW.

For 11kV domestic consumer shall pay ₹40 per kW as fixed charges along with the flat ₹ 7.4 per unit flat rate for all the consumption.

Along with the electricity bill, the consumer shall pay 6% as electricity duty charges.

Electricity Bill calculation in Bihar:


Let we calculate the total electricity bill for the Bihar consumer who lives in a rural area and they consumed 765 units in a month with the connected load of 5kW.

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Look at the bill breakup, for the first 50 units the cost is ₹ 302.5 (50 x 6.05), next 50 units it costs ₹ 315/- (6.3 x 50), for next 100 units, the bill is 660/- (100 x 6.6) and thre remaining 565 units, it costs 3926.75/- (6.95 x 565).

Fixed charges 40 as connected load 2kW x 20 per kW cost.

Hence consumer shall pay ₹ 5558.9 as electricity bill.

Electricity Bill Calculation in Bihar – 765 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Units Bill
Category II 0-50 6.05 50 302.5
51-100 6.3 50 315
101-200 6.6 100 660
>200 6.95 565 3926.75
Energy Charges 5204.25
Fixed Charges 40
Tax 314.655
Total 5558.905



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