MEPDCL Electricity Bill Calculator, Rate Per unit for Meghalaya

Meghalaya Electricity Bill calculator:

Enter the unit consumption or enter the initial and final reading of your meter by choosing the reading option. Then press the calculate button to get energy charges, fixed charges, electricity duty and total bill amount.

Consumption: kWh
Connected Load:  
Result – Total Energy Charges: INR
Result – Fixed Charges Amount: INR
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Rate Per unit for Meghalaya:

MEPDCL Electricity board has two tariff categories such as Kutir Jyoti (BPL) & Lt domestic.

Type Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charges
Domestic – Single Phase 0-100 4.1 60 Per kW
101-200 4.5
>201 6.1
Commercial 0-100 6.5 120 Per kW
above 100 7.5
Lt Industrial All 6.5 120 Per kW
Public Lighting All 6.8 120Per kW
Lt Agriculture All 3 110 per kW



If a consumer consumes below 30 units with the connected load not more than 0.2kW means, they are eligible for BPL tariff rate. BPL metered consumer shall pay ₹ 3.65 per unit for the consumption up to 30 units. If their consumption is more than 30 units means, the excess units will be charged under general domestic tariff. Unmetered BPL consumer shall pay ₹ 170 per connection for their total consumption.

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LT Domestic

LT Domestic consumer is charged by three different slap rates. i.e. for the first 100 units, the rate per unit is ₹ 4.1/- for the next 101 to 200 unit is ₹ 4.5 per unit and the above 200 units the per-unit cost is ₹ 6.1. In addition to that, fixed cost 60/kW/Month will be charged on each billing cycle.

Additionally, the entire consumer shall pay ₹ 0.05/- per unit as electricity duty charges.

LT Commercial:

Commercial 0-100 6.5 120 Per kW
above 100 7.5


Meghalaya Electricity Bill calculation:

Let we calculate the electricity bill for the consumption of 786 units with the connected load 5kW.

Look at the table, the total electricity bill for 786 units will be ₹ 4781.76/-

Meghalaya Electricity Bill Calculation for 786 Units With 5kW connected Load
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Units Bill
Domestic 0-100 4.1 100 410
100-200 4.5 100 450
>200 6.1 586 3574.6
  Energy Charges 4434.6
Fixed Charges 300
Electricity Duty 47.16
Total 4781.76
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  1. Sir my family live in Shillong at rent ,i have consume 200 unit in 43 days so my actual bill amount is what including all charges please guide me because owner saying my bill is about 1400 hundred ruppes .sir kindly help me please . Thank you sir please reply


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