Mizoram & Manipur Electricity Bill Calculator, Rate Per unit 2022-23

Manipur Electricity Bill calculator:

Enter the unit consumption given by MSPCL. if you do not know then choose the reading option which you can get it from energy meter. Enter the initial reading and final reading & enter the connected load, then press the calculate button to get your electricity bill, fixed charges, electricity tax and total energy bills.

Note: Manipur and Mizoram has same tariff rate

Consumption: kWh
Connected Load:  
Result – Total Energy Charges: INR
Result – Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Result – Meter rent Amount: INR
Result – Total Bill Amount: INR

Manipur Rate Per unit:

Manipur electricity board have two tariff categories such as LT Category 1 Kutir Jyoti/ BPL Connection and Domestic residential tariff.
Look at the table of latest tariff rate for domestic consumer

  Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed charges
Domestic 0-100 5.1 65 Per kW
101-200 5.95
>201 6.75
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BPL consumer is allowable to use only maximum two number light set which will be monitored time to time by the electricity board. They shall pay ₹ 2.1 per unit along with the ₹ 25/con/month as fixed charges.

The domestic category consumer has three slap rate; they shall pay ₹ 5.1 per unit for the consumption between first 0 to 100 units, next 101 to 200 unit the per-unit cost to them is ₹ 5.95/- and for the consumption above 200 units, the rate per unit will be ₹ 6.75. Additionally, the consumer shall pay ₹ 65/kW/Month.

Also note that, delayed bill payment leads to add 2% of interest rate with your principle bill.

Additionally, all consumer shall pay 10% as electricity tax.


Commercial 0-100 6.55 85 Per kW
101-200 7.25
>201 7.65
HT Commercial
All 8.9 105/kVA


Manipur Electricity Bill calculation:


What is the electricity bill for the consumption of 658 units, 2kW connected load as per Manipur and Mizoram latest tariff order.?

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The consumer shall pay ₹ 4759.15/- for the consumption of 658units with 2kW connected loads.

Manipur and Mizoram Electricity Bill Calculation for 658 Units With 2kW Demand
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Units Bill
Domestic 0-100 5.1 100 510
100-200 5.95 100 595
>200 6.75 458 3091.5
  Energy Charges 4196.5
Fixed Charges 130
Tax 432.65
Total 4759.15



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