Low Forward Power Protection 32F

Low Forward Power Protection 32F:

Low forward Power protection occurs when the generator is not able to produce the minimum output power. Typically, the generator output is lesser than the no load losses, then the Low forward power protection starts working. The minimum setting of the relay will be 5 to 10% of its full load.
Note: Here forward power means active power of the generator

Reason for Low Forward Power protection:

  • Turbine’s input power is less or the turbine is not able to produce the sufficient mechanical power
  • Generator work as synchronous condenser. The generator only produces the reactive power in condenser mode.
  • In sufficient excitation.
  • Generator breaker tripped due to some other fault.

Ansi code for Low Forward Power Protection: 32F

Relays acted :

  • 32F relay flagged
  • 86M- Gen Master trip opted
  • Annunciation alarm of Low forward power acted

Video Tutorial:


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