How to Apply For GOA Electrical Contractor License, Application, Eligibilty

Everything You Need to Know About The Goa Electrical Contractor’s License

To complete electrical projects that will be assigned by the government, an electrical contractor’s number, also known as a license number, is crucial.In this special article, let us have a look at all the requirements and documents that are mandatory for anyone to apply for the Electrical Contractor License in Goa.

Who Can Apply ?

There will be different types of licenses you can apply for or upgrade from an existing license.

  • For Class I A –
  1. Two electrical engineers, one with 15 years of experience and the other with 5 years, should be employed.
  2. Two diploma degree holders with 10 years of experience
  • For Class IB-
  1. one electrical engineering degree holder with ten years of experience, and the other is a 15-year electrical engineering diploma holder.
  • For Class II-
  1. one electrical engineering degree holder with 5-years of experience and the other is a 15-year electrical engineering diploma holder.
  • For Class III-
  1. one electrical engineering degree holder from a recognised university and a 5-year electrical engineering diploma holder.
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Paperwork that One Must Carry

  • Government prescribed fee receipt (original challan)
  • Three passport photographs and an affidavit
  • Envelope having the address of the applicant
  • Identitiy Proof ( Aadhar Card, Voter’s ID, or Driving License)
  • PAN card copy
  • Address Proof copy (passbook issued by a bank or post office, a rental agreement or ration card)
  • Experience certificates for earlier works that have been attested by a gazetted official
  • Copies of installation work certificates for EHT,HT and LT ( if applicable)

What and Where Are the Fees to Be Paid to Obtain the License?

  1. The prescribed fee amount stated by the government of Goa
  • For the initial issuance of the license, the amount to be paid is Rs. 2500/-
  • For renewal of the license before the stipulated time, a different amount will be due based on the voltage level at which you work
  • 220KV – Rs 2500/-
  • 110KV – Rs 2000/-
  • 33KV – Rs 1000/-
  • 11KV – Rs 600/-
  • 660V – Rs 400/-
  • Renewal of the license after the stipulated time will be double the amount specified above.
  • For issuing a duplicate copy , the amount to be paid is Rs 50/-
  1. You should pay the prescribed fee in the form of a treasury challan at the State Bank of India, treasury branch, Panaji.
  2. The fees, once deposited, cannot be refunded.
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The Steps Involved in Applying for the License

  • The application form will be available at the office of the member secretary,Licensing Board, and Electricity Department.
  • Next, fill in the application form as requested.
  • All the documents required for completing the procedure for applying should be brought with you. ( both originals and photocopies).
  • Refer to the paperwork section in this article for more understanding.
  • The fees must also be paid in the treasury challan and the original receipt should also be attached to the application form.
  • Take the duly filled application form and attach all the required documents and submit it to the office.
  • The application form will be reviewed by the relevant authorities and you will be informed regarding the status of your license.
  • You can go to the office to get the license after you have received the notification.

The time Period for Issuing the License

  • The Member Secretary, Licensing Board office, will take 3 months to grant you the license after you give your submission.
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What is the Validity of the License?

  • The license will be initially issued for a time period of 5 years, after which you should get it renewed.

How to Get a Duplicate Copy of the License ?

  • You are free to apply for a second license if the current license is lost or damaged.
  • You need to state the reasons for the same and fill in a fresh application and submit it to the office.
  • You must pay the stated fee and you will get the license after the verification is completed.

Office Address

  • Member Secretary, Licensing Board

Electricity Department

Vidyut bhavan, 2nd floor



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