Electrical Contractor License In Gujarat, Eligibility, Form, Application

Electrical Contractor License In Gujarat:

electrical contract license in Gujarat
electrical contractor license in Gujarat

Electrical contractor licence in Gujrat enables you to take any electrical work within Gujarat State. For that, you need a competency certificate holder and electrical wire. Also To get the license the following documents have to be submitted. The applicant,

  • Get the license in Form H
  • 5000 / – to be sent to State Bank of India or any other Gujarat State banks in the name of “Look at the name on the application form”
  • Get original solvency certificate of Rs. 10,000 / – or above from any bank in the state of Gujarat. In which the name and address of the firm person should be shown, the name of the owner should be shown and the certificate should be recent and full time.
  • Enter the complete declaration of the owner/partner in the form. (There should not be a single blank space left in the form) as well as to show the name as per the fully authorized papers.
  • Electrical supervisor name as mentioned in the competency certificate.
  • A certified copy of all the pages of the document registered with the notary of the partnership deed. Send original copy / certified copy of Memorandum and Article of Associations if limited company.
  • Megger, earth tester, and Multimeters testing certificate which attested by the not less than Assistant Electrical Inspector grade.
  • Submit bill copy of for purchase of Meggar, earth tester and clip-on Meter.
  • Send a certified copy of the permit and certificate of the Electrical Supervisor who has the permit of Gujarat State.
  • The supervisor notified to be employed in your firm should attach the original letter of dismissal on the letter pad of the previous firm in which he was employed and certified copies of all the pages of the staff register of the license.
  • From the date of obtaining the Electrical Supervisor Certificate to the date of application, as an Electrical Supervisor. The original affidavit along with the area of ​​the wire made with the notary on stamp paper of Rs. 20 / – has to be submitted.
  • Submit the birth certificate/school leaving certificate regarding the supervisor’s date of birth.
  • Submit proof of address of the person/company in whose name the contractor license firm wants to obtain.
  • More details can be obtained from www.ceiced.gujarat.gov.in
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The above license is valid for 5 years, after that, you shall start the renewal process.

Required Filled Documents
  • Application Form @page 2
  • Supervisor’s Notification and Owner / Partner’s Notice. @page3
  • Supervisor’s Confession / Appointment Form. @page 4
  • Bank Solvency Form, @ the Zip file as an image
  • Electrical Supervisor’s Affidavit Form @ external PDF file

Submit the above-said documents to the Secretary of the licensing Board office, 7th floor, Udyog Bhawan, D-6, Sector-11, Gandhinagar- Gujarat

Download The Application form & More details



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