Electrical Contractor licence in Maharashtra, Eligibility, Form, Documents, Online Apply

Electrical contractor licence in Maharashtra:

Electrical contractor licence in Maharashtra allows the person to carry any electrical erection work, installation work, commissioning work, etc. Let see how to get the electrical license in Maharashtra state, eligibility, equipment required, renewal, application form etc.


The applicant,

  • Should have instruments as prescribed in the application form S&T.
  • Should have at least one competency supervisor.
  • Mush have three wireman licensed working under.
  • Test certificate of your meggar and earth tester.

Documents required for New Contractor Licence:

Documents required for new electrical contractor licence are as per SCHEDULE “LD”. Let see in details,

  • Fee paid copy of 2500/-
  • Letter from the electrical inspectorate.
  • Filled form of From N
Form N
Form N
  • Megger testing and inspection report for both 500V & 5000V as per Form S
  • Earth Tester testing report as per Form T. look @ page 34.
  • Bank Passbook copy in the name of your company & self-attested photocopy of bank passbook showing minimum balance Rs.10,000/- . on the date of application.
  • Form U which is to be an affidavit by the electrical supervisor.
  • Affidavit on the 100/- stamp paper as per prescribed form ‘V’which ensures the supervisors is the employee of the firm. The same has to be signed in front of the Notary officer. If the supervisor is the owner means, they shall fill as prescribed in Form X.
  • For partnership firm, partnership deed on Rs.100 stamp paper and affidavit of partners in form “Y”
  • If the supervisor has a gap in their service means, they will get the affidavit on the 100/- stamp paper as prescribed in form Z.
  • Resignation of an electrical supervisor from last employment.
  • Self-attested photo of the Electrical Supervisor.
  • Self Addressed Envelope duly affixed with a requisite postage stamp.
  • self-attested copies of firm Registration Certificate, Resolution and Power of Attorney to the authorized signatory.
  • Self-attested copy of Residential and business address proof.
  • Self-attested copy of PAN card.
  • Electrical wire transmission and certificate
  • Files for all the documents.
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For Online Application: Go to This Site

If the online portal is down meant, you can directly go to the electrical licensing board along with the above-said documents.

Probably, you get the licence within one month from the date of application.

The above electrical contractor licence in Maharashtra is valid for only 3 years. Further to continue as electrical licensed contractor, you have to renew your license by following the below procedure.

Electrical contractor license form @ page 27: Download

Renewal of electrical contractor License:

The license holder shall renew their period before one month from the date of expiry. If you late, it will be considered as cancelled. The contractor in Maharashtra shall do the below said process and documents,

  • shall pay ₹ 2000/- as processing charges in GARS system and it is applicable if you pay the cost within one month before the date of expiry of licence. Incase late payment may lead to paying an equal amount of new licensee (₹ 2500/-).
  • Electrical contractor licence in the original. Supervisor licence and permit in original
  • Payment challan original
  • Equipment such as megger and earth tester’s testing report has to be attested by electrical inspectorate grade officer.
  • Up to date, Original attendance registers with two copy of supervisor and wireman, and apprentices in form ‘M’.
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Form M
Form M
  • Form U along with the supervisor license and Permit shall be got attested by the concerned Electrical Inspector.
  • Affidavit in form “V” duly typed on Rs.100/- stamp paper in front of Notary officer that the supervisor is the fulltime employee of the contractor and bonafide employee of the Contractor applying for Renewal of Licences and is not employed anywhere else in any capacity.
  • Fitness certificate of the supervisor and electrical contractor (Take it from Govt Hospital).
  • List of electrical work done in the last 3 years.

After gathering all documents, the contractor shall submit the documents to their respective electricity board.


  1. Please provide notification circular that state that for all voltage level or class only one single Electrical license in Maharashtra is applicable.


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