10 Types of Electrical Licence In Karnataka

Types of Electrical License In Karnataka:

Karnataka Licensing board is issuing 10 types of electrical licence within the Karnataka state.

Electrical Contractor Super Grade: Electrical Super Grade licencee shall carry all types of electrical installation works from low voltage to extra high voltage. The applicant should have authorized by Form 7.

Electrical Contractor Class –1: Class 1 contractor shall undertake electrical installation work from low voltage to high voltage upto 33kV. The applicant licence is approved as per Form 8

Electrical Contractor Class –2: Class2 contractor licencee shall carry electrical work with the voltage level of up to 650 volts. The applicant should have authorized by Form 9.

Electrical Contractor Class –3: Class 3 electrical contractor shall carry electrical work under 250 volts (low voltage). The licence should be approved as per Form 10.

Electrical Supervisor General: Electrical supervisor certificate, allows you to supervise, the electrical installation work of all classes of voltage level except mining installation. Initially, the board allows the certificate for one year, during the renewal period you can extend it upto 5 years.

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Electrical Supervisor Mines: To carry electrical installation work on mining, electrical mines supervisor certificate is used. For that, you should have an Electrical Supervisor General licence.

Electrical Supervisor Grade – 2: licenced Supervisor grade 2 is applicable for supervising electrical works all kind of electrical installation work up to 33 kV voltage class (inclusive 33kV). Also, Grade-2 licence holder is not authorized to carry any mining installation.

Electrical Supervisor Mines – Grade – 2: This is the same functionality as mines grade-1, but in that, the applicant shall pass both the written and practical and oral examination conducted by the Board.

Wireman License Grade -1: This category licence is used for fresh & Experienced ITI certificate holder: more details here

Wireman licence Grade – 2: This is for experienced wireman who does not have ITI certificate: More detail here

Special Wiring License: This category licence is used for carrying own industrial electrical installation work within Karnataka state under the supervision of a Supervisor (Competency certificate holder) and by Wiremen in their own employment. Example: maintenance work, shift operating etc.

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