10 Types of Electrical Licence Odisha ELBO

Types of electrical licence Odisha:

Electrical license Odisha has permitted 10 types of electrical license within Odisha state and they are

  1. Wireman MV with Learner Permit of Lineman MV: They shall work under 650V for both Domestic & Industrial Installations on underground only.
  2. Lineman MV with learner permit of Workman HT: Overhead and underground installation with 650V equipment.
  3. Workman-HT with Learner permit for Workman-EHT: 33kV Overhead/underground installations and they can work on in underground.
  4. Electrical Workman-EHT: All overhead and underground electrical installations work with all voltage class.
  5. Electrical Supervisor MV: Monitor below 650V
  6. Electrical Supervisor HT: Monitor or supervise not more than 33kV
  7. Electrical Supervisor EHT: Monitor or supervise more than 33kV
  8. Electrical contractor MV: Carry electrical installation work below 650V
  9. Electrical contractor HT: Carry electrical installation not more than 33kV
  10. Electrical contractor EHT: Carry electrical installation more than 33kV

For mining, the license will come into a different category.

These are all types of electrical license are available in Odisha.

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