Purpose of Chokes in Tube Light

Purpose of Chokes in Tube Light?

Electrical choke is nothing but an inductor which is connected in series with vapor lights. i.e electrical choke is mostly used in mercury vapor lights, sodium vapor lights, tube light fitting, CFL bulbs (Compact florescent lights) etc. Let see the purpose of electrical chokes in these lights.

Before That You Must Know about Tubelight working Principle:


  • Choke is an inductor; hence it acts as a pure inductor. Inductor is having the properties of creating high voltage at stating. This high voltage is enough to trigger the tube lights starter.

Purpose of Chokes in Tube Light

At stating current I= maximum, therefore the voltage across the lighting will be maximum.

  • It works like overload protection for both tube light filament and the starter.

Purpose of Choke in Tube light in English:


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