Skin Depth Calculator, Calculation With Example

Skin Depth Calculator:

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What is Skin Depth:

Skin effect is when alternating current (AC) is passing in a conductor current density is very higher near the surface conductor when it passes long surface it decreases. The current flows in the skin of the conductor, in-between outer surface and level are called skin depth.

Frequency is the main source for skin depth, when frequency raises the current flow passes through surface it results in skin depth.

In higher frequencies skin depth became smaller. Skin effect is triggered by opposing eddy currents induced by altering magnetic field it results to alternating current of conductor. In Direct current the current is steady flow so there is no eddy current it results no skin effect. Copper has 60HZ frequency it has 8.5mm skin depth.

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By increasing of AC resistance skin effect is improved by special cable called litz cable. This type of cable has big conductor which carries small current. Skin effect has practical significances to RF, microwave circuits, and antennas. For skin effect the main criteria is frequency its range should be between 50 to 60 Hz in transmission lines and distributed systems that’s why high voltage is selected for lengthy power transmission.

Skin Depth Calculator, Calculation With Example


Skin Depth Formula:

Skin depth in micro meter is equal to the square root of resistivity ρ(µΩ) in micro ohm divided by the 3.14 times of the signal frequency fo(hz) in frequency and the relative permeability μr and the permeability (μo). Here the permeability can be considered as 4π*10-7

Skin Depth Calculator, Calculation With Example


  • δ = Skin depth in micrometer(μm)
  • ρ = Resistivity in Microohms(μΩ)
  • fo = Signal frequency in Hertz
  • μr = Relativity permeability
  • μr = Permeability of free space = 4π*10-7


Example For Skin Effect:

Here we have solved only for copper conductor like these different conductors are available like aluminum, gold, silver.

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Let us calculate the skin depth. consider copper conductor which carries 55kHz frequency. Copper has relativity permeability(μr) as constant value = 0.999991 and resistivity (ρ) = 1.78 μm

Let’s apply formula

Δ = √1.78/3.14*55*0.999991*12.56*10-7

Δ = 8.791 μm


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