Why do Gas Cylinders Have Holes at Bottom?

In our home, we buy a gas cylinder for cooking from different companies like Indane, Bharath, etc. while using a gas cylinder, have you ever notices a hole at the bottom of the cylinder? Let’s see why do Gas Cylinders Have Holes at Bottom?…

  • In order to evaporate the water molecule when the cylinder has contact with the water. Due to this, the corrosion occurring at the bottom can be avoided. Hence the life span of the cylinder will be increased. From a safety point of view, the bottom hole is mandatory.
  • Easy identification of brand name between cylinder manufacturer. i.e indane is having cylinder shape and the Bharath cylinder is having a circular shape. Here the layman can understand the difference easily while supplying to the consumer.
Different Holes at the different manufature
Different Holes at the different manufacture


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