Space, Room Heater Power Consumption, Power Savings Tips

Room heater Power Consumption Calculator:

Enter the wattage of the room/space heater, total running hours and the per-unit cost to calculate the space or room heater power consumption and electricity cost per hour, per day, per month and per year.

By default, we have added 1500 watts’ space/room heater, by pressing the calculate button you get the results.

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Space/Room heater power consumption

Room heater is a device used to warm up your bedroom, kitchen, electrical and electronics panel board, etc. It is available from 10 Watts to 5000 watts.

Typically, 10 watts Room heaters are used in electronics boards for removing the moisture from it. In the same way, 5000 watts Room heaters are used in larger room, electrical generator, motorheating etc.

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Here, 5000 watts means, the Room heater consumes 5000 watts (5kWh or 5 units) for one hour.

Let we calculate the Room heater power consumption per day, per month and per year.

Per day consumption:

The Room heater power consumption in kWh is equal to total operating hours in a day times of the rated capacity of the Room heater divided by 1000. The per-day power consumption calculation formula can be written as,

Room heater consumption kWh = Wattage * Operating Hours per day / 1000

The same way for calculating monthly consumption just multiply the day consumption by 30 and for yearly consumption just multiply the day consumption by 365.

Room heater electricity kWh per month = 30 * Wattage * Operating Hours per day / 1000

The same way yearly,

kWh per Year = 365 * Room heater Wattage * Operating Hours per day / 1000

Note that, the Room heater wattage will be available at the backside of the heater (exactly cable connection area.) as shown in the figure.

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room heater nameplate
Room heater nameplate

Room heater power consumption calculation:

Let we take Dr Infrared Heater Portable Room Heater (Amazon), 1500-Watt which operates 24 hours in a day. Calculate the electricity consumption per day, per month and per year along with the electricity bill by considering 3 rs per unit.

1500 watts room heater Power Consumption – 24 Hours
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh Cost
Hourly 1500 1.5 4.5
Day 36000 36 108
Month 1080000 1080 3240
Yearly 13140000 13140 38880


Power saving Tips on Room heater:

  • Always choose, recommended 10 watts per cubic feet. Selecting Higher capacity may lead to higher electricity consumption.
  • Keep the temperature setting as low as possible & Put the space heater in auto -temperature mode.
  • Position the space heater as low as possible, Since the hot air density is lower than the cold air. Therefore, the hot air will go to the ceiling top side and by keeping the lower position you get hot air sooner.
  • Insulate the room to hold the room temperature.
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