Energy Consumption Calculator & Power Consumption Calculations

Energy Consumption Calculator & Power calculations

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Select the appliances and enter the operating hours, then by pressing the calculate button you get the Energy consumed per day, per month and per year.

Energy Consumption calculation is equal to the total operating hours’ times of the total power supplied to that equipment.

Energy consumption calculations:

Let us assume,

E(kWh) ­is the energy consumed by the equipment and the unit is kilo watt-hour. Always energy consumption should be in kilowatt-hour only.

P(W) = Input power in kilo Watts

t(h) = Total hours that equipment is operated,

V(V) = Voltage in Volts

I(A) = Current in Amps

Pf = Power factor

let calculate the energy consumption

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E(kWh) = P(kW) × t(day)

Energy = Power * Time

Form voltage and current form,

For DC the energy calculation will be as below

Energy = Voltage * current * Time /1000

E(kWh) = V(V) * I(A) * t(h) / 1000

For Single phase energy calculation

E(kWh) = V(V) * I(A) * pf * t(h) / 1000

Energy = Voltage * current * power factor* Time /1000

For Three phase energy calculation

E(kWh) = 3* VL-N(V) * I(A) * pf * t(h) / 1000

E(kWh) = 1.732* VL-L(V) * I(A) * pf * t(h) / 1000


Example of power calculation:

A three-phase induction motor is running for 20 hours with the line to line voltage of 415 Volts, 35Amps, 0.96 pf and calculate the actual energy consumed by the equipment.

Apply our three phase energy formula

E(kWh) = 1.732 * 415 * 35 * 20 * 0.96 / 1000

E(kWh) = 483.02 kWh = 483 Units

Total energy consumed by the motor for 20 Hours is 483 Units.

Also, you can calculate the energy consumption throughout the year by using the below formula

Here the total time period is 24*365 hours

E(kWh) = 1.732* VL-L(V) * I(A) * pf * 24 * 365 / 1000


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