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Power factor calculator kW, kVAR, KVA & Capacitance Calculator:

Enter the power in kW, Current in Amps, Voltage in Volts either line or phase, choose the phase, and frequency (required for capacitance calculator). Press the calculate button.

Also, enter the value kW value that near to the multiplication of current and voltage.

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Our power factor calculator is used to calculate the real power, reactive power, apparent power and capacitance requirement for improving power factor.

Also, power factor always lies between -1 to 1.

-1 to 0 power factor is called as leading power factor.

0 to 1 power factor is called as lagging power factor

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Power factor is used to determine the direction of the reactive current flow.

As you know the power is nothing but a cosine of the angle between voltage and current.

In other words, power divided by the multiplication of current and voltage is equal to the power factor. Hence it is depending on voltage, current and power.

Single phase power factor calculation:

Let us assume,

PF = |cos φ| = Power factor

I(A) = current in Amps

V(V) = Voltage in Volts

P(W) = Real power in Watts

S(VA) = Apparent power in Volt Amp

Q(VAR) = Reactive power

Xc = reactance of the line in ohms

C(F) = Parallel Capacitance

f = Frequency in Hz

For calculating power factor,

Power factor = Power / (Voltage * current)

PF = |cos φ|= P(W) / (V(V) * I(A))

While consider real power in kW then the power factor formula become,

Pf = P(kW) / (V(V) * I(A) * 1000)

Apparent power in kVA calculation formula:

S(kVA)V(V) * I(A) / 1000

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Reactive power in kVAR calculation formula:

Q(kVAR) = √(S(kVA)2 – P(kW)2)

Capacitance calculation formula for pf improvement:

Q(kVAR) = V(V)2 * Xc

Xc = 2 * π * f * C(F)


C(F) = 1000 × Q(kVAR) / (2πf(Hz)×V(V)2)

Three phase power factor calculation:

For three-phase, we have two formula based on line to line voltage and line to neutral voltage,

Let see

Power factor calculation with line to line voltage:

PF = |cos φ| = 1000 × P(kW) / (3 × VL-L(V) × I(A))

Three phase Apparent power calculation formula:

|S(kVA)| = 3 × VL-L(V) × I(A) / 1000

Three phase Reactive power calculation formula:

Q(kVAR) = √(|S(kVA)|2 – P(kW)2)

Power factor correction capacitor’s capacitance calculation:

C(F) = 1000 × Q(kVAR) / (2πf(Hz)×VL-L(V)2)

Power factor Calculation with line to neutral voltage:

Here the only we are replacing line to line voltage with line to neutral voltage their below mentione relation.

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VL-N(V) = √3 x VL-L(V)

The power factor calculation formula:

PF = |cos φ| = 1000 × P(kW) / (3 × VL-N(V) × I(A))

Apparent power calculation:

|S(kVA)| = 3 × VL-N(V) × I(A) / 1000

Reactive power calculation:

Q(kVAR) = √(|S(kVA)|2 – P(kW)2)

Power factor correction capacitor’s capacitance calculation:

C(F) = 1000 × Q(kVAR) / (3×2πf(Hz)×VL-N(V)2)



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