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Electricity Bill Calculator:

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Electricity bill calculator is an online electric consumption calculator that helps you to calculate the electricity cost of an electric utility in your home. It helps you to calculate the electricity bill to accurately & calculate how much it costs.

Electricity Bill calculation:

For calculating the electricity bills follow the steps,

Step1: First select your country, we have added 9 countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States and another country. Here other country option helps you to calculate the electricity bill apart from the above said 9 counties. As default United Kingdom will be in the first portion and by click that option you can change the country.

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Step2: Select the type of appliances such as Air conditioner, Clothes dryer, Clothes iron, Dishwasher, Electric kettle, Fan, Heater, Microwave oven, Desktop computer, Laptop computer, Refrigerator, Stereo receiver, Television, Toaster oven, Vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, and Water heater

After your selection, the default power consumption in Watts will be added. Also, you can change the value in integer level or W to kW.

Step3: Enter the number of operating hours in a day.

Step4: Enter the cost per unit (one kWh) with your currency. Also, we have given four types of currency such as cent, pence, rupees, and peso. While selecting the country automatically it will fit into it.

Step5: Finally click the calculate button to get the electricity bills on a daily basis, monthly basis and yearly basis. For monthly and yearly calculations, the number of our will be automatically multiplied by 30 as well as 365.

Electricity bill calculation for all devices:

First, you need to find the total electricity consumption, for that you can use your energy meter, by finding the initial and final reading.

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Total energy consumption = Final reading –  Initial Reading.

Electricity bill = Total energy consumption * per unit cost.


Technically, you can use the below-mentioned electricity consumption formula, Electricity consumption E(kWh) in kWh is equal to multiplication of power P(W) Watts and the Time period in a day divided by 1000.

E(kWh) = P(W) × t(h) / 1000(W/kW)

If your device is rated in kW means, you can use the below formula,

E(kWh) = P(kW) × t(h)

For month calculation,

E(kWh) = P(kW) × t(h) x 30

For yearly calculation,

E(kWh) = P(kW) × t(h) x 365

For hourly calculations,

E(kWh) = P(kW) × t(h)

Remember that 1 kWh is equal to one unit. It means if your device is running with 1 kW for an hour means, your device electricity consumption is 1kWh.

Electricity cost calculation:

The total electricity cost per hour in euro/rupees/dollar is equal to the multiplication of the energy consumption E in kWh and per kWh cost.

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Cost(dollar) = E(kWh) × Cost(cent/kWh) / 100(cent/dollar)


Let us take an example of 1.5kW microwave oven operated for 20 hours calculate the electricity bill for the same with per unit cost is 0.15 $.

Use our formula,

E(kWh) = P(kW) × t(h)

Total electricity consumption = 1.5 * 20 = 30 kWh

Electricity cost is,

Cost(dollar) = 30 * 15 /100 = 4.5 $

Hence the totally you have to pay 4.5 USD as electricity bill.

By using our electricity bill calculator, you can get the same results.


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