CRT Monitor Power Consumption Calculator

CRT Monitor Power Consumption Calculator:

Enter the wattage, operating hour and the per-unit cost. Then press the calculate button to get the total power consumption & electricity bill per hour, per day, per month, and per year.

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CRT Monitor:

CRT monitor is nothing but a cathode ray tube which contains a vacuum tube inside an electron gun and a phosphorescent screen. The CRT monitor consumes 10 watts per inch. Also it consumes 5 to 6 watts’ standby power. It is available from 100 watts to 500 watts. Now it is outdated one. But still, it is available in many houses. However, let we calculate the electricity consumption of CRT monitor.

CRT Power consumption:

The rated wattage of the CRT monitor can be collected from the nameplate. If the manufacture provides the voltage and current means, the wattage per hour is equal to the product of voltage and current.

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Per day:

The total electricity consumption by a CRT monitor in kWh is equal to the total operating hours times of the total wattage divided by 1000. The formula can be written as,

Per day Power consumption in kWh = Wattage x Total operating hours / 1000.

Per Month:

Per month power consumption is equal to 30 times of the rated wattage of the CRT monitor and the total operating times divided by 1000. Per month consumption,

Per Month Power consumption in kWh = 30 x Wattage x Total operating hours / 1000.

Per year:

CRT monitor Per year power consumption is equal to the 365 times of the related wattage and the operating hours divided by 1000. Per year consumption formula will be,

Per Year Power consumption in kWh = 365 x Wattage x Total operating hours / 1000.


Let we calculate the power consumption of 21inch CRT monitor which consumes 200 watts per hour. It operates 20 hours per day.

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Per year you get 1440 units. By considering ₹ 3 per unit.

CRT Monitor Power Consumption -20 Hours
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh Bill
Hourly 200 0.2 0.6
Day 4000 4 12
Month 120000 120 360
Yearly 1440000 1440 4320


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