Table Fan Power Consumption, Calculation, Energy Savings Tips

Table Fan Power consumption:

Enter the fan wattage, per hour usage and the cost. By pressing the calculate button you get the result of table fan power consumption per day, per month and per year along with the electricity bill.

By default, you can get the energy consumption of 48 watts.

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Table fan Power consumption:

Table fan is another most popular centrifugal fan which is available from 35 cubic meter/min to 100 cubic meter/min. And the wattage ranges from 35 watts to 75 watts. Here 35 watts means, the table fan power consumption will be 35 watts per hour.

Per hour consumption:

A P(W) wattage capacity table fan runs at full speed for one-hour mean, table fan power consumption is P(W) per hour.

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Table fan per day consumption:

Per day consumption is equal to the product of the total operating hour Hr and the wattage P(W) of the table fan. The formula can be written as,

Table fan consumption Per day = P P(fan-Wattage) x Hr

Per month Consumption:

Table fan Per month consumption is equal to 30 times the product of fan wattage and the total operating hours divided by 1000. The formula,

Per month = 30 x P(fan-Wattage) x Hr

Per year Consumption:

Per year consumption is equal to the 365 times of the wattage and the operating hours. The formula will be,

Per month = 365 x P(fan-Wattage) x Hr


Let we calculate the power consumption per hours, per day, per month and per year of Enamic UK || Happy Home || IS Laurels || Mini Table Fan Best Performance || High-Speed Motor || Motor s-21. As per the technical sheet, the fan consumes 48 watts per hour and it will be operated 20 hours per day.

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Look at the table of power consumption, per year a 48 watts fan consumes 346 kWh (or units) when you operate it 18 hours. Also, we have calculated the electricity bill of the fan by considering ₹ 3 per unit.

Table Fan Power Consumption -18 Hours
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh Bill
Hourly 48 0.048 0.144
Day 960 0.96 2.88
Month 28800 28.8 86.4
Yearly 345600 345.6 1036.8


Tips for power saving in Table Fan:

  1. Open the window and get natural air.
  2. Run the fan at minimum RPM which reduce electricity consumption. i.e by reducing the speed by 20%, you get 20% energy savings.
  3. Buy Copper wound table fan. By that, we can reduce 50% or power loss.
  4. Buy low-speed table fan, which consumes less power for the same flow.

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