Iron Box Power consumption, Calculation, Power Saving Tips

Iron box power consumption calculator:

Enter the rated power of the iron box, total operating hours per day and per-unit cost of your electricity. Then press the calculate button to get the iron box power consumption.

By default, we have entered 1000 watts, 2 hours operating and 3 per unit cost, By clicking the calculate button you get the results of per day, per month and per year consumption along with your electricity bill.

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Iron Box Power consumption:

Iron box is the equipment is used to remove the folds of the cloth. It is working under the principle of ohms’ law. It consists of a resistance circuit inside the iron box, and during the current flow, the resistor emits the heat. Typically, iron box wattage available from 500 Watts to 2500 watts per hour. Iron box contributes 5% of your electricity bill.

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Let see iron box power consumption per day, per month and per year.

Iron box energy consumption E(kWh-iron) in kilowatt-hour is equal to the wattage of the iron box P(W) in watt times of operating hours Hr divided by 1000. Hence the formula can be written as,

E(kWh-iron) = P(W) x Hr / 1000


Let we calculate the power consumption per hour, per day, per month and per year of Usha EI 1602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron (multi-colour) box which will be operated 2 hours per day.

As per nameplate, the iron box consumes 1000 watts per hour. Hence, Per day it consumes 2kWh, per month 60kWh and per year 720 kWh.

Iron Box Power Consumption -2 Hours
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh
Hourly 1000 1
Day 2000 2
Month 60000 60
Yearly 720000 720


By considering, ₹ 3 per unit, your electricity bill will be ₹ 2160 annually.

Iron Box Power Consumption -2 Hours
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh Bill
Hourly 1000 1 3
Day 2000 2 6
Month 60000 60 180
Yearly 720000 720 2160
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When you operate the iron box for a longer time, it increases the cost bit higher.

Iron Box Power Saving Tips:

  • Buy “no-iron” cloths. They will be made up of non-iron fabric such as nylon, polyester, Lycra, etc.
  • Keep your clothes on Hanger (amazon) which reduce the need for iron box.
  • Do not overheat and iron the cloths with possible lower temperature.
  • Do not spread more water while ironing.
  • Turn off the iron box after you are finished.
  • Try to use a non-electrical iron box like charcoal (amazon) iron box, stream iron box etc.
  • Do not iron the cloths under wet condition, which increase the power consumption by 50%.



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