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kVA to hp Conversion Formula:

KVA (kilo volt-amp) is the unit of apparent power and Hp is the unit of real power. Real power P(HP) is equal to the 1.34 times of apparent power S(kVA) in kVA and power factor. Hence for converting kVA to HP,

P(HP) = 1.34 x S(kVA) x pf.

Real power in HP = 1.34 x kVA x pf


What is the HP rating of the 1.856 kVA motor at 0.8 power factor?

HP = 1.34 x 1.856 x 0.8

Horsepower = 1.99 HP, approximately 2 HP.

Hence 1.865kVA motor can be rated as 2 HP at 0.8 power factor.

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