Incandescent Bulb Power Consumption Calculation

Incandescent Bulb Power Consumption Calculator:

Enter the capacity of the incandescent bulb, operating hours per day, and the rate per unit and then press the calculate button to get the power consumption of the bulb.

By default, you can get the power consumption of 60Watts bulb.

Hours Used Per Day: Hr
Power Use (Watts): W
Per Unit rate: INR
Energy Per Day: kWh
Cost Per Hour: INR
Cost Per Day: INR
Cost Per Month: INR
Cost Per Year: INR

Incandescent Bulb Power Consumption:

Incandescent bulbs were the most used lamps in earlier ’90s. The lamps produce the light by radiating the filament. The filament is the object used inside the lamp which connects the higher and lower potential terminals. When the filament is heated in the vacuum which emits the lights. The process of heating will be done by passing the electric current through the filament. Mostly Tungsten is used as filament since it has a high melting point.

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The lifetime of the incandescent lamp will be 1000 – 1200 hours. The bulb provides only 14 to 17 lumens per watt. By average the incandescent lamp gives only 14 lumens per watt. I mean, the bulb consumes 1 watt per hour for giving 14 lumens.

Also, while decreasing the voltage by 10%, the incandescent bulb reduces its lighting efficiency by 27%.

Get a clear vision, you need minimum of 683 lumens. Hence to get this, you need to use a minimum 50 Watts incandescent lamps.

For the living room, you need at least 1673 Lumens for the room size of 10 x 10 x 10 feet. Therefore, you have to use 119.5 Watts incandescent lamp which will be the combination of 2 x 60 Watts.

Incandescent Bulb Power Consumption:

Energy Per day: The total consumption of the all incandescent lamp

Cost Per Hour:   The total electricity bill for one hour. It calculates the cost of using the incandescent lamp for one hour.

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Cost Per Day: The total electricity bill for one day with operating hour while using the incandescent lamp.

Cost per month: Total electricity bill per month with operating hour when using an incandescent bulb.

Cost Per Year: Total bill for the consumption per year.


Let’s calculate the power consumption of 60 Watts incandescent bulbs.

60 Watts bulb Power Consumption
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh
Hourly 60 0.06
Day 1440 1.44
Month 1800 1.8
Yearly 525600 525.6

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