CFL Bulb Power Consumption Calculation

CFL Bulb Power Consumption:

Enter the per-unit rate, your CFL Wattage and a total number of operating hours per day. Then you get the result of CFL power consumption per day, electricity bill per hour, per day, per month and per year.

As a default, we have entered 60 Watts with 24hours usage with 4.2 per unit. By clicking the calculate button you get the result. You can change the default values as per your requirements.

Hours Used Per Day: Hr
CFL Wattage: W
Per Unit rate: INR
Energy Per Day: kWh
Cost Per Hour: INR
Cost Per Day: INR
Cost Per Month: INR
Cost Per Year: INR

CFL is nothing but a compact fluorescent lamp. As the name suggests, the fluorescent lamp is in a compact model. CFL power consumption is 3 to 5 times lesser than the incandescent bulbs.

Technically, the CFL gives 50 to 60 Lumens per watt but incandescent bulbs provide only 15 to 17 lumens. Look at the different, if you use 60W incandescent bulb (900 lumens), the same can be replaced with the 18Watts CFL.

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Hence, you will get a net savings of 42Watts per hour, 1008 Watts per day and 367920 Watts (367.920 kWh) per annually. By considering ₹ 4.2 per unit rate means, your savings will be 367.92*4.2 = ₹ 1545/-

Commercially, the CFL bulb rate is will be 15 times higher than the incandescent bulb.

Let we take our case, the cost of 60W, 230 Volts incandescent bulb will be ₹ 15/- but the same replacement of 18W CFL will be ₹ 220/-. Look at the price difference, the incandescent lamp is cheaper than CFL.

But for a longer run, you can get back the differential cost within 2 months by using CFL bulb.

60-watt CFL power consumption Calculation:

Here 60 Watts indicates, 60 Watts per hour or 0.06kW/hour. Hence,

Hourly consumption: 16 Watts per hour,

Day Power consumption: 60* 24 = 1440 Wh per day

Yearly power consumption = 60*24*365 = 525600 = 525600 Watts per year.

Hence the 60 Watts CFL bulb consumes 525.6kWh per year.

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What is CFL in English?


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