Mobile Charger Power Consumption Calculation

Charger Power Consumption Calculator:

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Mobile charger power consumption:

The charger is the device used to charge your mobile phone batteries. It is the most mandatory device for day to day life for everyone. The capacity of the charger will 4 to 15 Watts depending upon the size of the phone. i.e Moto Turbo Charger has 15Watt capacity and which charges 3Ah battery in 15 minutes.

But non-turbocharger like Nokia 1100 has a capacity of 4 Watts per hour. Hence such a charger requires more than two hours to charge your mobile.

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Now you want to know? How much your charger consumes power for charging your mobile and how much the charger consumes the power when the phone is not connected? Let see,

Mobile charger Power consumption calculation:

In our case let we take a most popular mobile phone Redmi Note 7 charger has rated output voltage of 5V with the output current of 2 Amps. What the yearly consumption of the charger which operates 4 hours.

The charger wattage is 5*2= 10 Wh.


10 Wh Charger Power Consumption
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh
Hourly 10 0.01
Day (4 hrs) 40 0.04
Month 1200 1.2
Yearly 14400 14.4


Look at the above table, your mobile charger power consumption per day is 0.05 kWh or units and per yearly it consumes 14.4 units.

Does your charger consume electricity without a mobile?

Yes, it consumes power for the internal circuit. Look at the live video demonstration (in Tamil).

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Current Flows after phone removed
Current Flows after phone removed

The 10 Watts charger takes 0.234mA current when the circuit is in On condition without connecting mobile. It consumes 230 * 0.000234A = 0.054 Wh. Hence,

10 Wh Charger Without Phone
 Consumption Total (Wh) kWh
Hourly 0.054 0.000054
Day 1.296 0.001296
Month 1.62 0.00162
Yearly 473.04 0.47304


By yearly you will waste the power of 473 Watts by plugin the charger.


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