Haryana Per Unit Rate Domestic, Commercial, Calculator

Haryana electricity Bill calculator:

Enter the total energy consumption in kWh or unit or if you do not know, then minus your  meter’s final reading to initial reading. By pressing calculate button you get total electricity bill in INR, duty charges, electricity tax as per Haryana state act, fixed charges and meter rent.

Total Unit Consumption As per HPGCL: kWh
Total Energy Charges: INR
Fixed Charges Charges: INR
Electricity Duty Charges: INR
Fuel Charges: INR
Electricity Tax Charges: INR
Total Bill: INR

Haryana state electricity Tariff Per unit 2023-24

Haryana electricity board has three categories of tariff based on the consumer’s consumption. One is 0 to 100 units, the second one is above 100 and below 800 and third one is more than 800 units. Here the consumer consumes more than 800 units per month they will not get the any tariff slaps benefits like previous two categories.

Per unit cost in Haryana:

Domestic LT tariff Haryana
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Fixed Charges (₹)
Category I 0-50 2
51-100 2.5
Category II 0-150 2.75
151-250 5.25
251-500 6.3
501-800 7.1
Category II >800 All units 7.1
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Category I:

The consumers overall consumption is less than 100 means, they have to pay ₹ 2.0 per unit for the first 0 to 50 units and ₹2.5 for the next 50 to 100 units.

Category II:

If the consumer’s consumption exceeds more than 100 and less than 800 means, they come to category II slaps. In this, for the first 0 to 150 units, the per unit cost will be ₹ 2.75, next 151 to 250 unit the per unit cost will be ₹ 5.25/-, for 251 to 500 units the per unit cost is ₹ 6.3 and 500 to 800 units the per unit cost is ₹7.1.

Category III:

If the consumer’s consumption exceeds 800 units’ means they have to pay ₹ 7.1 per unit for the total consumption

In addition to that,

  • fixed charges is zero,
  • electricity duties ₹ 0.1 per unit  has to be paid by the consumers.
  • FSA of 0.37 paise per unit.
  • Municipality Tax of 2% of the entire bill.
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Note that, the tax is only applicable for the municipality area.

Commercial electricity rate per unit in haryana:

The commercial consumer shall pay based on the consumed demand. If the consumer demand is below 5kW, then they have to pay ₹ 6.36 per unit. Above 5kW to 20kW means, All unit will be charges as ₹ 7.05 and above 20kW to 50kW means, the per unit rate is ₹ 6.6. Above 50kW to 70 means, the unit rate is ₹6.95 in case if the consumer is HT means, they shall pay ₹6.75 per unit.

Also the consumer demand is more than 20kW means, they have to pay fixed charges of ₹160 per kW

Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Fixed Charges (₹)
Upto 5kW All 6.35 Nil
5 to 20kW All 7.05 Nil
20 to 50kW All 6.6 160/kW
50 to 70kW All 6.95 160/kW
Above 50kW (HT) All 6.75 160/kW
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Haryana Electricity bill calculation:

Example: A 6kW connected load consumer consumes 144 units, calculate the total electricity bill as per Haryana electricity tariff order?

Look at the total consumption, the consumer consumes more than 100 units and less than 800 units. Then they will come to category II tariff slaps.

The total electricity bill could be ₹ 473/-

Haryana Electricity Bill Calculation for 144 Units
Scheme Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Units Bill
Domestic 0-150 2.75 144 396
151-250 5.25
251-500 6.3
501-800 7.1
Energy Charges 396
Fixed Charges
Electricity Duty 14.4
FSA 53.28
M Tax 9.3
Total 473.0


Reference: latest Haryana Tariff order


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