Torque (Nm) to Watt (W) Conversion Calculator

Torque (Nm) to Watt (W) Calculator:

Enter torque in Nm and Speed in rpm to get the result of power in Watts, kW and HP.

Enter Torque in Newton-meter: Nm
Enter Speed in RPM: RPM
Result – Power in Watts: W
Result – Power in KiloWatts: kW
Result – Power in Horsepower: HP

Torque (Nm) to Watt (W) Conversion Calculator:

Watt is the unit of real power and Torque is indicated by the unit of Newton meter (Nm). The motor power P(W) in Watt is equal to the 0.105 torque in Nm times of the speed.

Power in Watt P(W) = 0.105 * T(Nm) * N(rpm)

Watt = 0.105 * Nm * rpm


Calculate the motor power rating in watts of the ac motor which has rated torque of 144Nm at 1480 rpm.

Apply our torque to watt conversion formula,

Motor power in watt = 0.105 * 144 * 1480 = 22306 Watts.

The motor can be rated as 22306 Watts. Approximately 22000 Watts.

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