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Electrical Contractor licence Odisha:

Electrical contractor licence Odisha is allowing the person to conduct the electrical work from low voltage to extra high voltage. ELBO electrical contractor licence has three categories such as

  • MV Contractor (up to 690V)
  • HT Contractor Up to 33kV
  • EHT Contractor (all voltage levels)

For getting an electrical contractor licence from Odisha state, you should have the following eligibility and documents.

Eligibility for MV electrical contractor:

The applicant must have

  • One supervisor licence holder as whole-time employment or himself as supervisor means, the external supervisors are not required.
  • At least Full time 1 wireman + 1 Lineman.
  • Must have 50% valid work engagement work order which is issued by ELBO.
  • The following equipment must be in good condition such as insulation tester, Tongue tester, Hand drilling machine, Multimeter, phase sequence indicator.
  • Appropriate document for establishing electrical contractor work in business (example: GST certificate, PAN etc).

Eligibility for HT contactor:

  • HT Licensed supervisor
  • At least 1 work man HT + 1 wireman MV + 1 Lineman MV.
  • Undertaking to engage 50% of the HT work
  • Electrical equipment in good condition and which is tested by a National authorized testing laboratory certificate.
  • megger (500V, 1000V, 2000V, 2.5kV and 5kV), Tongue tester, Hand drilling machine, Multimeter, phase sequence indicator, tree cutting saw, discharge rod, hydraulic crimping tool, earth tester, HT hand Gloves, Lead lift and types of the pulley.
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EHT Licence Contractor:

  • Continues 3 years worked as electrical HT contractor licence and successfully completed for 5 Number of HT works. Proof shall be submitted to the board.
  • EHT electrical supervisor.
  • 2 Workman EHT + 2 work man HT + 1 wireman MV
  • Engaged 50% of work.
  • The following equipment to be in good condition and the same will be tested by the Government approved laboratory. The equipment is Insulation tester up to 5kV, look at the picture.

Documents required for Applying electrical contractor Licence:

  • For proprietorship company, the own only shall apply
  • For parent ship company, 2 third of director’s authorization letter shall be submitted
  • Citizen of India.
  • 10 passed and SSLC certificate.
  • 3 passport size photo with white background and the same attested by the front and backside of the applicant.
  • You cannot be a part of any govt organisation.
  • Application fees for MV contractor: 5000/-, HT contractor: 10000, and for EHT contractor: 15000/- shall be paid for the state treasury and keep the soft copy of the receipt.
  • PAN card copy
  • Photo and address identity proof.
  • Proof of business such as telephone bill or electricity bill the same affidavit from the Green ink holder
  • A signed copy of the appointment letter of the wireman and supervisor.
  • Contractor and supervisor affidavit that the supervisor is working in that firm only.
  • Proof of work execution
  • 50% full-time work proof.
  • Wireman and contractor with their licence and licence number affidavit.
  • Verification certificate of the supervisor and wireman working as sole employment. Here you can submit your attendance register.
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For more details read this

Please keep all the softcopy of the above said. Now to go to this online application portal. Then submit upload all documents. And complete the process.

You get the licence in two months if your documents are as per ELBO standards. The licence will be in Form D format.



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