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We have two option for converting volts to electron volts such as elementary charge method and Columb unit method. You can select any option and enter the value of volts and charge to get the electron volts results.

Electron volts is the multiplication of electric potential and electric charge divided by 1.602×10-19. Let us consider the electron volts E eV, the electric potential is V – volts and an electric charge is Q Columb, then the formula become

Electron volts (eV) = Voltage (V) * Electric Charge (Q)

E(eV) = V(V) × Q(C) / 1.602176565×10-19

While considering elementary charges the (electric charge of 1 electron), then the formula become,

E(eV) = V(V) × Q(e)

Example of eV calculation with elementary charges:

Calculate the energy consumed in electron volts of an electrical circuit has a potential difference of 25 Volts and a charge flow of 50 electron charges.

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E(eV) = 25 V x 50 e

= 1250 electron volts (eV).

Example for eV calculation with Columb calculations

What is the energy consumes of the circuit in electron volts, If the circuit has a voltage of 20 volts with a charge flow of 10 coulombs?

E(eV) = V(V) × Q(C) / 1.602176565×10-19

= 20 V x 10C / 1.602 x 10-19

= 1.24 e + 21 (eV)


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