Ohms Law Calculator & AC Complex Power Calculator Online

Ohms Law Calculator for DC circuits:

Using our ohm’s law calculator, you can find any value of current, voltage, resistance and power by entering any two values.

i.e if you enter the value of current 2 Amps and Voltage as 12 Volts then press the calculate button to get the remaining resistance and power values in the results box.

You get the result of resistance as 2 Ohms and Power as 72 Watts.

Also, you can change the value of value between micro to Mega. Also, our calculator gives you accurate results within a very short time.

Resistance (R):
Current (I):
Voltage (V):
Power (P):

AC Complex Power calculator with Ohms for AC circuits:

Just enter any two value with the phase angle to get the complex power or impedance.

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Impedance (Z): °  = 
Current (I): °    
Voltage (V): °    
Power (S): °  = 

As you know in AC circuits, the impedance Z(Ω) and the complex power S(VA) of the circuit is purely depending on the phase angle.

The voltage is the multiplication of the current and impedance.

V(V) = I(A) × Z(Ω) = (|I|×|Z|) ∠ (θI + θZ)

Complex S(VA) power is the multiplication of current and voltage. Then AC complex power S will be calculated from below formula.

S(VA) = V(V) × I(A) = (|V|×|I|) ∠ (θV – θI)

Lets us see the details about ohms law from the below article.


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