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MSEB Bill Calculator and Electricity Bill View:

Enter the total unit consumption or choose the reading option and enter the initial reading and final reading. Also, you can view the total bill amount such as total energy charges, wheeling charges, tax, fuel charges etc.

This time we have added commercial calculation and the rate taken from the official site. Also the domestic consumer does not require to add connected load. The commercial consumer must change the default connected load 1kW

MSEB Consumption: kWh
Connected Load: kW/kVA
Number of Month:  
Result – Total Energy Charges: INR
Result – Fixed Charges Amount: INR
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Meter Wheeling Charges: INR
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Result – Total Bill Amount: INR

MSEB Latest Tariff Rates 2023-24:

MSEB – Maharashtra State electricity board collects LT consumer electricity bill based on two categories. One is LT below the poverty line and another one is LT residential above the poverty line. Also additionally they charge fuel extraction fee, 16% of electricity taxes, wheeling charges 1.17 INR as per latest tariff order 2023-2024 and Fixed charges as per your unit consumption.

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According to the MSEB CASE No. 322 of 2019, they have announced tariff rate for the next five years. However, we are going to see the latest tariff rated for the financial year of 2023-2024.

As per our calculator FAC may have different, we have taken as per tariff order and the 2% of the amount will be varied based on the Govt bill vs our calculator

From now the same order we have updated the latest electricity tariff rate of 2023 to 2024.

As per the latest tariff order released by the MSEB, Mahavitaran and mahadiscom the rate of wheeling charges is increased by 52 paise per kWh. The residential tariff is now 4.41 per kWh for the first 100 units, next 200 units which is from 101 to 300 will be ₹ 9.64 per kWh and for the next 200 units it cost around ₹13.61 per units and the ₹ 15.57 per units for the above 500 units.

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In addition to that, the non-BPL consumer has to pay ₹ 1.17 per unit as wheeling charges and ₹1.61 per unit as fuel extraction charges and 16% of electricity tax.

Single Phase Domestic
Range Fixed Charges Per Month Energy Charges (Rs. /kWh) WC/unit FAC/Unit
0-100 units 116 4.41 1.17 1.61
101 300 units 9.64
301 500 units 13.61
Above 500 Units (Balance Units) 15.57


Three Phase Tariff rate:

In three phase the electricity per unit rate is same as single phase but the fixed charges will be high and it is 385/- per month per connection.

Three Phase Domestic
Range Fixed Charges Per Month Per unit WC/unit FAC/Unit
0-100 units 385 4.41 1.17 1.61
101 300 units 9.64
301 500 units 13.61
Above 500 Units (Balance Units) 15.57

LT Commercial:

Range Fixed/Demand Charges Per Month Energy Charges (Rs. /kWh) Wheeling Charges (Rs. /kWh)
0-20kW 470 8.27 1.17
20kW to 50kW 470 per kW 12.63
>50kW 470 per kW 14.93
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LT commercial tariff is calculated based on the connected load (Maximum demand). Such as when your connected load between 0 to 20kW per month, you have to pay 8.27 for one unit and 470 per Month as demand charges. Look at the above table we have included all the tariff.

MSEB Bill calculation:


Let us consider, that you have consumed 697 units, calculate the electricity bill according to the MSEB latest tariff rate 2023-2024.

Look at the solution table, here for the first 100 units the per-unit price will be 4.41 hence ₹ 441 is the cost. Next 200 unit, you have to pay ₹ 1928/- (200 x 9.64), next 200 units the final cost is ₹ 2722 (200 x 13.61) and the more than 500 units, for 197 units, you have to pay ₹ 3067.29/- (197 x 15.57).

Hence, the total cost will come around ₹  11833/-

Example – Single Phase – One Month – 697
Range Electricity Per unit Unit Consumption Bill amount
0-100 4.41 100 441
101-300 9.64 200 1928
301 to 500 13.61 200 2722
>500 15.57 197 3067.29
Energy Charges 8158.29
WC 815.49
FAC 1122.17
Fixed Cost 116
TAX 1632.152
Total 11845.102
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Mahadiscom Latest tariff Official Order



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