Bescom Electricity Bill Calculator, Per Unit Rate 2024-25

Bescom Electricity Bill Calculator:

Enter the total electricity consumption in units, choose the connection type, connected load, number of phase, then press the calculate button and the Karnataka electricity calculator calculates your bill based on the latest tariff 2024-25.

In our calculation, we have not included the ETax and FAC (0.31Paise), So please the estimated bill always lesser than your actual bills.

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Bescom electricity Unit Rate:

KERC has five divisions such as BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited), CERC Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation, GESCOM (Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company), HESCOM Hubli Electricity Supply Company and MESCOM Mangalore Electricity Supply Company.

KERC electricity tariff is the highest tariff rate in south India as compared with the KSEB, TNEB, Andra power etc.

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Domestic Unit Rate 2024-2025

KPTCL has changed to slap rate to fixed rate for all the domestic and commercial consumer and the cost is 5.9 per unit for all the consumption.

Domestic Rate Per unit BSCOM
Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
All 5.9 Rs 120/kW/month for 50 kW.
Rs 210/kW/month for above 50 kW.

Also the consumer shall pay 120 per kW as fixed charges for first 50kW and 210 for the after consumption of 50kW.

The above tariff is applicable for Household, Temple, Church, Masques and all religious places also the commercial consumer who have the connected load of 200 Watts such as type writing, small computer shop, electrical and electronics repair jobs etc.

Also see the below screenshot of the consumer shall come into this tariff-1 category.

Bescom Electricity Bill Calculator, Per Unit Rate 2024-25


Institutional Tariff Rate 2024-2025

Applicable to the installations of Private Professional and other Private Educational Institutions including aided, unaided institutions, Nursing Homes and Private Hospitals having only lighting or combined lighting & heating, and motive power.

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These consumer has to pay ₹7.25 per unit as well as Fixed Charges/KW/Month of Rs.180/-
for Upto 50 KW and for above 50kW the fixed charges of Rs.250/- For every additional KW

Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
All 7.25 Rs 180/kW/month for 50 kW.
Rs 250/kW/month for above 50 kW.


Also 0.25 per unit is rebate available for the consumers falling under village panchayat areas.

KPTCL Commercial Tariff Rate 2023-2024:

The commercial consumer such as commercial building, shops, Cinemas/ Semi Permanent Cinemas, Theatres, Petrol Bunks, Petrol, Telephone Exchanges. T.V. Stations, Microwave Stations, All IndiaDiesel and oil Storage Plants, Service Stations/ Garages, Banks,
Commercial Complexes, Lifts of Commercial Complexes, Battery Charging units, Tyre Vulcanizing Centres, Post Offices, Bakery shops, Copiers, Railway Installation excepting Railway workshop, BMTC / Commercial Lighting, Heating and Motive Power Communication Centers, Stud Farms, Race Course, Ice Cream Radio, Dish Antenna, Public Telephone Booths/ STD, ISD, FAX KSRTC Bus Stations excepting Workshop, All offices, Police Stations,
Local Bodies. It is also applicable to water supply pumps and street Private Hostels not covered under LT -2 (a), Home Stay / Paying Hotels / Restaurants / Boarding and Lodging Homes, Bars, Private lights not covered under LT 6, Cyber cafés, Internet surfing cafes, Call
centres, BPO / KPO, Telecom, I.T. based medical transcription centres, installations of Clinics, Diagnostic Centres, X-Ray units, Shops, Stores, Beauty Parlours, Stadiums other than those maintained by Govt. and guest Houses, Mess, Clubs, Kalyan Mantaps / Choultry, permanent Parlours, Computer Centres, Photo Studio / colour Laboratory, Photo editing room etc.

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They shall pay INR of 8 per unit for all the unit consumed and the fixed charges of Rs.210/-Per KW for below 50 KW  and Rs.300/- for every additional KW above 50 KW.

LT Commercial
Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
All 8 Rs 210/kW/month for 50 kW.
Rs 300/kW/month for above 50 kW.

Commercial HT Tariff:

The commercial consumer shall pay entire consumption 8 per unit and the fixed rate of 365 per kVA.

HT Commercial
Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
All 8 365 per kVA

Domestic HT Per Unit:

HT Residential apartments and colonies, Temple, Church’s, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Ashrams, Mutts and Religious /Charitable institutions using power for religious activities shall pay 7.25 per unit.

Fixed charges shall pay as 290 per kVA.

HT Domestic
Power Range  Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
All 7.25 290 per kVA

Domestic Bescom Electricity Bill calculation as per Tariff Order 2024-25:

Calculate the electricity bill for the consumer consumes 468 units for the month and they took 1.5kW as Maximum demand.

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Domestic Electricity Calculation 1.5kW Demand Load
Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Consumed unit Price
All 5.9 100 590
Energy Charges 590
Fixed Charges 180
Electricity Tax 38.5
Total 808.5

Domestic Unit Rate 2023-2024

As per this, the consumer shall pay ₹ 4.75 per unit for the consumption of first 100 units. For above 100 units, all the united shall be charged as 7 per unit.

Also they have increased the fixed charges from ₹100 to ₹ 110 for the first one kW to 50kW, if the consumer has the demand load more than 50kW means, they shall pay 210 per kW.

Commercial Unit Rate 2023-2024 :

Urban Commercial Tariff consumer shall pay 8.5 per for the consumption of all units. There is no slap rate. This is really helpful for the commercial owners.

Fixed charges will be 200/kW Upto 50kW and 300/kW for above 50kW.

Additionally, the consumer will pay electricity tax of 5% extra.

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Let we calculate, the electricity bill for the unit of 250 kWh with 2kW connected loads You have to pay ₹ 2068.5/- as your electricity charges to your respective ESCOMs

Domestic Electricity Calculation 250- Bescom, 2kW Demand Load
Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Consumed unit Price
All 7 250 1750
EC 1750
Fixed Charges 220
Electricity Tax 98.5
Total 2068.5


  1. Cost of TNEB is much much less compared to BESCOM
    TNEB slab
    From 0-50 units, Rs 1.45 is being charged per unit compared to Rs 3.75 and that too only till 30units
    from 51-100, Rs 2.6 per unit. From 101-200, Rs 4.3 per unit, Rs5.2 but start from unit 31 itself
    from 201-300 Rs 7.2 per unit,
    from 301-400 Rs 8.5,
    from 401-800 Rs 9 and above 800 units, Rs 9.5 per unit is charged

    It is very clear how costly the electricity in Karnataka

    • KARNATAKA Cheif minister is requested to cut down the electricity charges as we are unable to get the cost of petrol reduced.Atleast some reduction would definitely help majority people.


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