Main Purpose of Damper Winding in Generator

Main Purpose of Damper Winding in Generator:

The damper winding is used to reduce the winding oscillation. The damper winding consists of heavy copper rods, one in each slot riveted at the ends to common bars one at each end as to form short-circuited grid or rods may be brazed to copper end bars attached.

Damper winding in an alternator is also known as squirrel-cage winding. This winding is located inside the slotted pole shoes of the alternator.

Purpose Damper Winding
Purpose Damper Winding

Main Purpose of damper winding in the generator

  • Prevents hunting (momentarily speed fluctuations) in the alternator,
  • Increases the transient stability.
  • Provides high starting torque to the synchronous motor.
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