Synchronous Motor Nameplate Details Explanation

Synchronous motors nameplate detail explanation:

Synchronous motors are constant speed motor which is double excited motor. there are few manufactures are making synchronous motors around the world. However, in this article, we are going to study how to read synchronous motor nameplate details.

GE Motor Name details
GE Motor Name details

Rate Hp-21000:

This is the rated power or capacity of the motor. The motor can deliver 21000 horsepower. While converting HP to KW, the motor capacity will be 15.67MW Per hour.

RPM: 1200

Rated speed of the motor is 1200. The motor speed is the same as the synchronous speed. The speed is depending on the output stator voltage frequency and number of poles in the motor.

Rated voltage: 6600 Volts

It is rated input voltage of the motor, the motor’s stator will be designed to carry 6.6kV. The control system also designed to withstand the rated voltage of the machine.

PF 1.0:

The motor can be operated at a unity power factor. It means the armature current of the motor is very less.

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Phase: 3

It is a three-phase motor. The phase sequence should be considered while starting of the motor.

Frequency: 60Hz

60 Hz means, we get 60 complete cycle one second.

Code B:

It is an insulation class. It is a NEMA standard. The motor’s insulation can withstand up to 120 deg celsius.

Amp 1404:

The rated maximum allowable current to the motor is 1404 Amps. If the motor is operated at overexcitation means, the maximum allowable reactive current is 1404 Amps. Beyond that limit the motor, losses its synchronism with the rotor.

Frame: 9398

The frame size is 9898, it is a special purpose tailor-made motor.

Type: TS

It indicates the types of the shaft. TS indicates short Shaft.

Excitation Voltage: 125 VDC

It is the maximum excitation voltage of the motor. In our motor, we can inject 125 DC voltage maximum to the field winding.

Field current Amp 5.2:

The rated input current to the field winding is 5.2 Amps.

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Cont. 80 deg rise:

The motor field winding can be operated at a maximum 80 deg continuously.

Model number: 264×766

This is the standard model number of the motor.

Serial number: 8374051

This number is used to identify the internal documents (technical and non-technical) of the motor. It is office use only. While purchasing spars to this GE motor, you have to provide this model number and serial number.


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