Apply for Electrical Contractor License Andhra Pradesh, Eligibility

Apply for Electrical Contractor License – Andhra Pradesh

An electrical contractor’s license is a necessity for an electrical contractor who wishes to take up projects like electrical work. There are two types of licenses called Grade A and Grade B Electrical Contractor Licenses.

The person who wishes to get this license in the State of Andhra Pradesh needs to fill in the application form available in the Electrical Department located in each district.

For Example: If you stay in Guntur, you can go to the Guntur Electrical Department and fill in the application form.

Types of Electrical Contractor License

Grade A : These contractors can take up voltages varying between low to extra high.The selection of these voltages is made based on the strength of the Supervisor Permits.

Grade B: These contractors are eligible for the 

  1. Low and medium voltage with a connected load not exceeding,
  2. 50HP/37.5KW with wireman competency certificate holders without I.T.I qualification. 75HP/56KW with wireman competency certificate holders with I.T.I qualification.
  3. All the low and medium voltages if he/ she has a supervisor permit holder.
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Low : upto 11KV.

Medium : upto 33KV.

High : upto 132KV.

Extra High : exceeding 132KV.

Conditions for granting the electrical license

This license is granted to either a person, a firm, or a private limited company when the following conditions are met,

Grade A

(a) one supervisor who is in possession of a competency certificate and a suitable permit that has been approved by the Board and has a minimum validity of four months.

(b) Two wiremen who have a certificate of competency and a permit  issued by the Board.


One Wiremen and One Supervisor ( upto 650V), each having a Board-issued certificate of Competency and permit.

  1. The applicant must present permit books for verification and endorsement of all the employees with their names, competency certificate numbers and permit numbers to the Secretary of the Board.
  2. ID proof of the applicant ( mostly Aadhar Card)
  3. Local address proof.
  4. The applicant should have the following instruments with their working certificates
  5.  One Earth Resistance and one Tester megger.
  6.  One 1000V and ine 500V insulation testing meggers for license upto 11KV.
  7.  2.5KV, 1000V and 500V insulation testing meggers for license upto 33KV.
  8. 5KV, 1000V and 500V insulation testing meggers for  license upto 132KV and above. All the instruments should have a range of 0-500 Mega Ohms above, except in the case of 500V meggers.
  9. One Tong Tester/Multimeter (having volts, amperes and ohms)
  10. One Live Line Tester
  11. Standard Wireguage
  12. First Aid Box
  13. The applicant should have an office in the state and all communication should be made from that office only.
  14. The Secretary of the Licensing Board should have access to all records required by the Labour Act, work orders, and particulars of employees periodically.
  15. The applicant should have a minimum age of 21.
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Grade B

A wireman holds a certificate of competency and has a permit issued by the State Board. The applicant should have the following instruments in working condition

  1. One Live Line Tester
  2. Standard Wireguage
  3. 500V Insulation Testing Merger
  4. A Tong Tester 

All the instruments are to be presented before the Secretary if asked.

  1. Minimum age criteria is 21 years.
  2. Local address proof and a valid I.D proof (Aadhar Card)
  3. The Secretary of the Licensing Board should have access to all records required by the Labour Act, work orders, and particulars of employees periodically.


  1. If the applicant is a supervisor himself with a valid certificate and permit, he need not employ another supervisor.
  2. In case of a firm or a Company, if you already have a supervisor as your employee you need not hire another one.
  3. The license will not be issued to the applicant if he himself is an employee of a Licensed Electrical Contractor or anywhere else.

Required Documents

  1. 3 passport size photographs 
  2. Affidavit from Notary on a Rs.20/- stamp paper
  3. Self-addressed envelope
  4. ID proof (Aadhar Card)
  5. PAN Card
  6. Address proof (Ration Card/Rental Agreement)
  7. Documents stating the details of previous works
  8. Attested Copies of experience Certificate
  9. Birth Certificate
  10.  School leaving certificate of the applicant, owner, and supervisor.
  11. Copies of the certificate of EHT/HT/LT installation work
  12.  Original Challan
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How to Register Online for a License?

  1. Go to the Electrical Department in the district where you reside and ask for the application form.
  2. Fill in the application form with all the necessary details.
  3. Carry all the required documents (photocopies and originals) that need to be attached along with the application form.
  4. Attach the photocopies of the requested documents to the application form.
  5. You need to pay a certain amount as asked by the authorities. (Board of Electricity)
  6. Go to any of the nationalized banks and take a challan for the said amount.
  7. Submit all the documents, including the application form and the Challan in the Electrical Department.
  8. If all your documents are correct and the procedure followed is right, the Secretary, A.P. Electrical Licensing Board, will grant you the license.
  9. You will get the Electrical Contractors License in 3 months.
  10. If you have not received the license in 3 months, you can simply visit the office to find out your status.
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  1. The license obtained is valid for two years. You can renew it after the stated time period.
  2. The license obtained is not transferable.


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