Wh to mAh Conversion calculator & Convert Wh to mAh

Wh to mAh conversion calculator:

Enter energy in watt-hours: Wh
Enter voltage in volts: V
Charge result in milliamp-hours: mAh

Here Wh is watt-hour is the unit of energy and mAh (Milli Amps hour) is the unit of electric charge stored. Enter the Wh in the first column and Voltage in the second column. Then press the calculate button to convert Wh to mAh.

First Amp-hour is equal to Energy in Wh divided by the voltage in volts.

Q(Ah) = E(Wh) / V(V)

Now you can easily convert Ah to mAh. mAh is the 1000 times of Ah. Hence

mAh = 1000 * Ah

Q(mAh) = 1000 * Q(mAh


Q(mAh) = 1000 * E(Wh) / V(V)

Therefore, milli Amp hour is equal to 1000 times of watt-hour divided by the volts.

Example of converting Wh to mAh

Calculate the milli Amps hour for the 50 Wh, 12 Volts battery.

Apply our formula,

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Q(mAh) = 1000 * 50 / 12

Q(mAh) = 4166 mAh


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